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egibbonegibbon Posts: 212

Just wondered if any of you have used travel counsellors to book your honeymoon? We are just waiting for them to send us an itinerary for ours to kenya. xx


  • MrsM2BMrsM2B Posts: 1,040
    I have had quotes off them but went with destinology in the end as they gave us a better price.

    A friend of mine booked her honeymoon through them and I believe they were very good. They are also part of the same group as destinology and I have to say the lady that quoted us was extremely helpful.

    Sorry can't be any more help xx
  • cbarrowukcbarrowuk Posts: 74
    Make sure you make it clear what you want - I found ours a little reluctant to quote us on Kenya as she didn't think it was up to standard and wanted to quote me on Maldives instead (even though I said I didn't want to go there because of Monsoon season). good luck!
  • egibbonegibbon Posts: 212
    I am still waiting for the quote to come through, but she seemed very helpful and could do exactly what we wanted within budget - so will wait and see..........!!
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