please advise if u can?!?

hi! we are getting married in 9 weeks and i will be 22 weeks pregnant. our original plan was to go to the carribean on honeymoon but we're not going to now. money is tight as this pregnancy wasn't planned and we need a need a bigger car etc. i still really want to go somewhere, even if its in england (or a short plane ride away). does anyone know of any lovely, romantic and luxurious places we could go in early october? i'm pulling my hair out trying to think of somewhere!!

any advice would be great x


  • sukdeep84sukdeep84 Posts: 112
    You could rent a cabin in the peak district or lake district. Or check in at a nice hotel.

  • smilegemsmilegem Posts: 37
    How about staying in a castle in scotland? My sister got married in Dundas castle in November and it was amazing, the rooms were great and the whole place was so romantic and cosy. I bet you could get a room there or somewhere like that. Alternatively you could hire a country house somewhere like France, you could drive there if you can't fly. Also, Bath is a lovely city to visit, although there's prob not more than 3/4 days worth of things to do there. The most luxurious hotel I have ever stayed in is "The Grove" in Hertfordshire, that place is great, but again, not sure how much there is to do in the area. How long do you want to go away for?
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