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Late August honeymoon

Hi me and my h2b have booked our wedding yayyy 

We will be getting married on the 26th August next year and we are looking for our perfect honeymoon.

We would love to go to the carribien but we have herd it will be hurricane season so we are not quite sure what to do. We are just moving into our first home so don't want to over spend on the honeymoon. 

Does anyone have some destination ideas for a late August honeymoon.



  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,015 New bride

    Look at the 'ABC' islands- Aruba, Bonaire and Curaco. They sit outside the hurricane belt so make good year round destinations :) I was going to do Aruba but couldn't make it work with my multi-center honeymoon. Thomson do packages to Aruba but I think you'd have to DIY the other options.

    Keep in mind the whole Zika thing- personally it doesn't really concern me as the risks are very minimal unless you are pregnant when you travel or want to try for a baby while on honeymoon or straight after. Just have a read up and make sure you understand the situation (which could of course have totally changed by next year!). Again Aruba is a good choice to avoid Zika as although it's in the Caribbean it's very dry and windy so not a lot of mozzies there.

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,355 New bride

    Bali is a good choice for August. We went in early August but a friend is going for her honeymoon there later this month.

    We combined it with a stop in KL and they are doing a stop in Singapore so a couple of options there.

  • lubeslubes Posts: 1,555

    I really wouldn't worry too much about hurricane season. I have been to that part of the world several times in August and never been caught in a hurricane. There may be brief rain showers in the afternoon, but that's pretty standard for the tropics. 

    If you want to avoid the Caribbean, I'd also have a look at Thailand. We looked at going on our honeymoon - two weeks in Ko Samui in August came in at £3000. This wasn't on an all-inclusive basis, but Thailand is renowned for being super cheap while you're there!

    I'd perhaps look at Europe too - Santorini or Italy spring to mind.

    The world is your oyster really! x

  • Hey ladies, I might be a bit late but I absolutely agree with lubes. We had the most amazing honeymoon in Santorini, no hurricanes, gorgeous weather and simply a beautiful place. As for the accommodation, a friend of ours recommended us to check The Luxury Travel Book. They have a great catalog with villas and apartments around the world and they helped us a lot to make the right choice. I'd also check Sicily and Lake Como for our first year anniversary when the time comes :)


  • You should speak to Turquoise Holidays - I am going through them for my honeymoon and they have been so good so far!  xx

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