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P & O Ferries

For those who have been on P & O ferries.

Dress code. Is this just for certain restaurants? We are looking at the Britannia but my partners doesn't wear suits so not sure what the policy is.

Booking. Is it cheaper to book direct or through a travel agent?

Sorry for the questions but this would be our first cruise 🙊


  • We went on the Britannia last year, and had an amazing time!

    The main dining rooms seemed a bit more relaxed on dress code - your partner may get away with smart trousers and a shirt.

    Some evenings are "black tie", and most people dressed up on those nights but still there were some more casual.

    There are some restaurants that you had to book where I would imagine the dress code in those would be more strict.

    On the other end of the spectrum, there is a buffet style restaurant with no dress code at all as far as we were aware.  It seemed much more relaxed there.

    I have to say though, it was really nice to get dressed up for dinner!

    We booked direct with P&O and got a good deal.

    Where are you thinking of going?

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,015 New bride

    If your partner doesn't fancy dressing up then maybe look at another cruise line with a more relaxed vibe? NCL (Norwegian) or RCI (Royal Caribbean)? P&O is still on the old fashioned side, although the Britannia is a nice new ship! Although there will be places he can go (such as the buffet) you will be a little restricted if you don't fancy sticking to the dress code.

    Depends what you are looking for really. P&O are very British orientated and still on the formal side (although Cunard etc are even more formal) , NCL, Carnival and RCI are very American and mostly casual. P&O do have the benefit of using £ on board and you aren't expected to pay as much tips (or 'service charge') as the US lines. Have a browse on Cruise Critic for a huge (and slightley overwhelming) amount of info and reviews to help you decide.

    We always book direct, but I do the same with flights etc as I don't like having to deal with a 3rd party when I want to change anything or ask a question :)


  • We cruised with ncl last summer and it was fab! Def more relaxed x x 

  • We were looking at doing the Caribbean over new year next year but apparently there are limited balcony cabins left and not sure we can upgrade to premium economy like we wanted so might change 

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