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Anyone used Kuoni or other agents??


Has anyone used Kuoni or trailfinders etc for their honeymoon plans? 
Im currently dealing with Kuoni and can't decide if its worth booking with them or just sorting it my self we are looking at a multiple location trip so logic suggests leave the logistics up to them.

Also did you find it works out any more expensive? 

Thanks folks :)


  • MrsNolanMrsNolan Posts: 683 New bride

    I've just come back from Bali through kuoni, it was amazing.

    They have access to excusive deals with some places and our hotels worked out cheaper with kuoni than booking direct or through trailfinders, turquoise etc.

    I found dealing with kuoni really great, they were helpful and gave us options. And they were great while we were out there too  

  • We have booked through kuoni (for info, we are going to the Maldives). They were brilliant for booking (very knowledgeable about the resorts they offer and the options available) and we have been on holiday with them before and they were excellent. Tbh we didn't really check prices with other travel agents but did look at the prices direct and kuoni were actually pretty good - particularly as logistics of getting from one island to another would be annoying/ stressful to organise ourselves.

    For us personally, we wanted a honeymoon which required only that we turn up to the airport on time and the rest was done for us. We were willing to pay a bit more, if required, to have that.

  • lubeslubes Posts: 1,555

    We went to the Maldives and Dubai through Kuoni. We used them primarily for the gift list service, but also because it was nice to get some exclusive deals, private transfers etc. All we had to do was turn up to the airport on time on our departure day and they literally did everything else!

    I know you essentially pay a premium for Kuoni - and I advise shopping around if you want to see what other agents can do and for what price - but they really were faultless throughout 😊 x

  • Libby13Libby13 Posts: 244 New bride

    We booked ours through a Kuoni agent who works for the company Travel Lab (they are part of the co-op travel group but deal with Kuoni) we found that the service was exceptional. We went to Kuoni directly too for comparison but found the service at Travel Lab was far more personal and less pushy, we got more benefits from Travel Lab (eg. getting free extra nights and honeymoon upgrades) and for the exact same honeymoon (same hotels same location same everything) it was £600 cheaper with travel lab compared to Kuoni, as the agent takes less commission 

    We have now received all our documents and holiday info and it has all come through as Kuoni documents but via Travel Lab. 

    We are going to Thailand and the Maldives x

  • SC2BxSC2Bx Posts: 117 New bride

    Hi, Thanks for the responses.

    Libby13 I'll have a look at Travel Lab - hadn't come across them yet so thanks. 

    Lubes, FutureMrsP2018 and MrsNolan, did you get more information once you committed to an itinerary? I'm a bit of a planning nut when it comes to holidays - like to know in advance how I'm going to get from airports, how long its take, do we have to kill time before check in etc. And also do you ever get a breakdown of the costs? 

    At the moment I have the list of flights and hotels and an overall price. To be fair Kuoni have been great by email so far its just so much money and I want it to be perfect :) 

    Thanks Ladies 

  • I booked mine through Turquoise who were really good and came out cheaper than Kuoni and more personal. However it can vary depending what branch and agent you get of course.

    I know a lot of people have raved about how good Turquoise is as well though so would be worth a look at as well.

    Good luck

  • We're also doing a multi-stop honeymoon. We went through Turquoise and I thought they were better (for us) than Kuoni. Again every agent is different but the person we dealt with at Kuoni didn't really listen to our budget requirements and didn't advise us on what was affordable to us at our budget range. She did find us the most perfect holiday, but it was significantly over our stated budget which we weren't impressed by.

    The lady at Turquoise listened to our requests, found us a holiday which actually fit our budget and I felt the service was more personal. We also ended up with a fairly similar holiday at a much better price (although not all the same hotels due to Kuoni exclusivity deals). Again, this was entirely specific to our holiday booking experience, as other people have clearly had a good experience with Kuoni. Turquoise also have their own honeymoon gift fund service too, which was an added benefit.

  • SC2BxSC2Bx Posts: 117 New bride

    Hi Winslet86 and Weatherwaxe,

    Thanks for the suggestion,
    I have contacted turquoise so shall see what they come up with :)

    Currently my calculation of the trips cost is almost £2000 less than Kuonis' suggestion, I'd like the hassle free aspect of using a agent but I'm not made of money! 

  • SC2Bx wrote (see post):

    Hi Winslet86 and Weatherwaxe,

    Thanks for the suggestion,
    I have contacted turquoise so shall see what they come up with :)

    Currently my calculation of the trips cost is almost £2000 less than Kuonis' suggestion, I'd like the hassle free aspect of using a agent but I'm not made of money! 

     The only reason we went with a travel agent is because we realised the faff or having to sort transfers from hotels to jetties and airports (on one of our changeover days we have a car and then a boat and then a plane and then another boat just to get from one island to another). We figured it was worth the extra money for that, but we definitely shopped around to get the best deal for us.

    I'd definitely contact several travel agents and go with the one that fits your needs (and budget) the best.

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