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Cape Verde/ December honeymoon


trying to find somewhere for our honeymoon and it’s proving tricky!

want to go after our wedding which is in December but OH doesn’t like flying so needs to be somewhere with a shortish flight time from the U.K. but I want somewhere vaguely warm!

the only place I can find that meets this criteria is Cape Verde - 6 hour flight time and 26 degrees in December but I’ve barely heard of it before.

has anyone been there on honeymoon or holiday and if so would you recommend it?

or does anyone have any other suggestions of where we could go?

thanks in advance 


  • Amanda198Amanda198 Posts: 152 New bride

    Hi. I have been to Cape verde twice before in November/December, we stayed in Sal and Boa Vista.  We enjoyed it, we just went for a relaxing holiday and stayed in the hotel grounds. The weather was lovely. We were all inclusive so the hotel catered for our needs. I enjoyed it and would return again.xx 

  • mrsdivinemrsdivine Posts: 161 New bride

    We spent a week in Sal 12 months ago and thought it was wonderful. We stayed just outside Santa Maria and went into town every evening to eat. I think it is probably a marmite type of place - you will either love it or hate it. There is not a single chain shop, restaurant or bar. Not a single large supermarket. We absolutely loved it. White sandy beaches, warm, clear sea and wonderful weather. If you need to be entertained it is probably not the place for you. But we absolutely loved it and had a really relaxing week.

  • Kelly224Kelly224 Posts: 962 New bride

    Thanks both!  Definitely is a contender or only option really!!  Just worried as the hotels don't look as luxurious as some you might find in places like Mexico etc. so not sure if it's special enough for a honeymoon!

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