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All inclusive Maldives Hooneymoon

Hi all,

I have my heart set on honeymooning in the Maldives but want to know if what I want is achievable on my budget and who to book with to get the best deals.

I am looking for 7-10 days in September this year and would ideally like an all inclusive package (takes away the stress of money whilst there). I would also LOVE to be able to stay in a water bungalow. We have a budget of 5k... does this sound achievable?? Has anyone got any resort recommendations? 

Thanks in advance xx


  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    Not a 100% but brides on here who have done the maldives water bungalow and all inclusive normally say they spent 8K-10k or more, however there are always deals to be had! :) Shop around and contact some travel agents for quotes

  • Mila-rose3Mila-rose3 Posts: 264 New bride

    We've just booked ours. Went through months of 10k/12k quotes . On the off chance we popped into Virgin and managed to negotiate it down to 5k from about 7800 it started off at 🤣 all inclusive with a premum water bungalow. Definitely achievable just shop around and negotiate. 




  • Miss90Miss90 Posts: 33

    We booked through Kenwood Travel and got an all inclusive water bungalow on an adults only resort for 6k. Also Travel Bag (online) have some great deals I’ve used them for years! 

  • CFWCFW Posts: 234

    It could be doable if yo uare willing to shop around. Some brides on here have opted for staying in a beach bungalow (or equivalent) for a few days and then a water bungalow for the last couple of days to break up the cost a bit - might be a good way to save some money. 

  • Thanks for your suggestions, I will remain hopefull! 

  • Hi @bride2be150918

    I own a travel agency, we work with over 450 suppliers  (including main street one  thomson, thomas cook...) and because i am getting married and also want to go to the Maldives :) i'm even more aware of the prices

    it is doable , i took the liberty to check randomly in september for 2 departing from London (dont know where you are though)  flights, transfers, all inclusive , in overwater bungalow for 7 nights departing 23rd september is a total of  3,534  GBP so you even have a bit of room for extra activities with your budget. or 10 nights  4480 GBP

    we also do free wedding giftlist in case you want to ask your guest to chip in

    i can quote you if you want , you can email with your exact date and departure airport and i will send your quote c[email protected]

    i have a website and fb page too that i send you if you want.

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