Japan Honeymoon!!

Last weekend we finally booked our flights for our honeymoon in December! Japan for just over 2 weeks and then 3 nights in Dubai on the way home. 

Has anyone been to Japan who has an recommendations of places to visit, hotels, things to do, etc.? 

Likewise for Dubai? 

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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    Japan: I haven't been to Tokyo, but I went to Osaka and we did a couple of day trips to Kyoto to see some of the temples; they were absolutely stunning, a bit touristy but absolutely worth it by miles. I don't remember the names apart from Kinkaku-ji (the golden one) but they were all beautiful and special. We also went to Arashiyama Bamboo Forest and Okochi-Sanso Villa (beautiful gardens of a villa once owned by a film star near the bamboo forest) and we had green tea and a rice cake up there, that was a beautiful day too. 
    If you go to Osaka, I also recommend the Kuchu Teien Observatory in the Umeda Sky Building; stunning views over the city (best when it's dark!).

    Dubai: it sort of depends what you're looking to do. My personal highlights were driving out through the desert and to the mountains (was potentially in another of the Emirates? Not sure), and there are good museums around, as well as the fountain show in the centre (outside the huge mall- we went to a restaurant overlooking the fountains and had amazing food and mint lemonade and watched a couple of the shows), and also a boat across the Creek was gorgeous. I generally liked restaurants that were a bit less glamorous and touristy, with traditional local food (we went to one sitting on the floor and eating the most amazing chicken and rice and breads with our hands that I will remember forever), but there are also loads of amazing fancy restaurants and ridiculous bottomless brunches and things. The souks were fascinating and obviously there are lovely beaches, and rooftop bars around.

    Hope some of that might be useful :)
  • We are hoping to go to Japan for our Honeymoon also! Can I ask, are you booking everything separately or have you got a package from someone?
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