Honeymoon 2020 - aug / sept - beach / relaxing

we need some inspiration for where to go next year on our honeymoon. We are thinking August / September time, 10days - 2 weeks, hot weather (we like to just sunbathe!!), white sands, blue sea... ideally further a field than Europe but any hotel / location recommendations in Europe appreciated as well please!  


  • rhianna_94rhianna_94 Posts: 11 New bride
    Mexico, Bali or Thailand?
  • I'd always recommend Sri Lanka! I'm half Sri Lankan so perhaps a little biased but it's amazing there. Happy to give recommendations for hotels etc. 

    Also as a general note - have a look on Emirates holidays. Suprisingly good deals!
  • katieheskethkatiehesketh Posts: 6 New bride
    edited 20 August
    Thank you! Hadn’t thought of Sri lanka, is it usually quite hot around august / sept there? X
  • Mexico, Bali or Thailand?
    Sorry! Im rubbish at replying on here! For Sri lanka sorry. We looked at mexico, bali and thailand and I think they have the zika virus so we’re trying to avoid. So hard!! Thank you though. 
  • @katiehesketh It'll be pretty much around the 30 degrees mark! I'd recommend going more towards the east coast for Aug/Sept, to avoid any rain! 
  • I would do the Seychelles again if I could.
  • We’ve just been on honeymoon in August to Mauritius! We wanted somewhere with a lovely beach but also some excursions we could do. Didn’t want to be too cut off from the world. 

    It wasn't ridiculously hot, around 25 -28 degrees with a nice breeze. It did rain slightly,  but only at night which helped clear the air. 
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