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Where to stay in St Lucia? Any ideas?

H2B and I have just completely changed our minds about honeymoon location and are looking at St Lucia for October. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Everywhere seems so gorgeous! No idea which area/ resort to choose!


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  • hiya

    funnily enough we were looking at st lucia in october. check on Virgin's caribbean brochure - it's gorgeous and there are loads of hotels. they do good offers for honeymooners as well. only thing that put me off is that most of the hotels have strict dress codes in the evening ie men have to wear long sleeve collered shirts and closed toe shoes ? can you believe it? i want us to relax so we changed our minds. We're opting for Bali instead!
  • skhaskinsskhaskins Posts: 476
    thanks rachierach - will remember to check the dress codes - if they're all like that there's always room service!
  • Hi Sarah04. I went to St Lucia a couple of years back and stayed at La Toc Bay which is one of the Sandals resorts. Whilst I normally don't go for an all inclusive resort, we had an amazing time. We were upgraded to a suit with a 24 hour butler and 24 hour free room service and their service which they boast about was amazing! I would defiantly have a look at their website or get a brochure if you are looking to go to St Lucia.
  • Hi Sarah04

    I am getting married in St Lucia in June and we are staying at the Grande St Lucian Hotel And Spa which is a sandals resort.

    I have only ever heard good things about st Lucia.

    Let us know what you decide.xx
  • I'm a sandals fan too, I was actually a travel agent specialising in Caribbean so I was often in the Caribbean for "work reasons" (hard job but someone had to do it!!)

    I've stayed at all 3 sandals resorts and the smallest one Halcyon Beach is the quietest (and about half way between the other 2). It's pretty, low rise, laid back and I'd say my favourite of the 3 but there's no suites or butler service at this one, although I'd recommend a honeymoon beachfront concierge room here.

    The newest one is the Grand St Lucian and it is grander, larger, bigger pool etc and has a really good spa. I loved the rooms and you can get a choice of suites or rooms at this one too, it is a hard decision between this one and Halcyon for my favourite!

    Last time I went to St Lucia I spent 2 weeks at Le Toc which is the biggest and has a fantastic spa and a golf course. Its very hilly so anyone vaguely less mobile should pick a different hotel. One of the other b2b's was VERY VERY lucky to get a suite with butler service - if you'd paid full brochure price for this you can look at paying £8k - £12k per person!!!!!! If budget allows, look for rooms on the "bluff" which are newer and not in the original "block" where soom of the rooms dont have good views or balconies. If you're in the main building, read the Sandals directory (travel agents should have them) and read up on where the hotel room is located and whether it has a balcony.

    With regard to dress code - don't be put off. Most caribbean hotels will expect a gentleman to wear a collared shirt (a polo shirt is fine) and no open toed sandals - its the Americans that really dress down for dinner and you dont want to sit ina restaurant with your new h2b and have a view of the fat sweaty american with a vest on - I'm not anti american, I've just had this experience personally and have appreciated the dress code ever since!! Women can wear what they want as long as there's no swimwear on show - so cover up your bikini top and put a sarong or shorts on at lunchtime. Common sense really and not at all pretentious. If you stay in any of these 3 sandals resorts you can eat in all of them and use any of the facilities of any. They've specifically designed their restuarants so that you can eat different styles each night, Caribbean, French, Japanese, Italian, International. Only some of these restaurants have dress codes so again dont be put off. My favourite restaurants were the Pier at Halcyon, Kimonos at Le Toc and "Le Toc" french restaurant at the Le Toc hotel.

    Anyway, I've rambled on. It's 4 years since I gave up travel so I think that some of the information may have changed slightly but if you want to know more, ring Sandals sales and ask them who the local specialists are in your area - they'll have some agents that know every hotel inside out and back to front and will probably have been to all of them so ask the experts! Your bet prices are probably going to be with Virgin and I think I've seen an advert on TV for upgraded flights I think.

    Oh and by the way, I've been in October as well as June and November and the weather is absolutely fine too.

    Hope this helps, sorry to ramble but its not often I need to dig out my travel knowledge now that I work in a bank (yawn)

    Emma x x
  • TriTreadTriTread Posts: 313
    The WindJammer is the place to go. It's absolutely gorgeous and so much better than anywhere else I've stayed.
  • skhaskinsskhaskins Posts: 476
    thank you so much for all the advice everyone - it really makes a difference to have recommendations - just why i love this website! I found my photographer and florist through people on here - will look into all those hotels today

    thanks again!
  • Hi mrsotter

    Did it rain in june when you went to st lucia?x
  • MrsHirstyMrsHirsty Posts: 942
    My Mum and Dad got married and honeymooned in St Lucia a few years ago, they stayed at the Rendezvous and loved it, they are planning to go back. They upgraded to an oceanview room and said it was amazing. It is a couples only resort (no one under 18) and is very small and intimate, private cottages on the beach, ideal if you want isolation and intimacy for your honeymoon perhaps not so good if you want lots of activities. Good luck xxx

    P.S. Sharlouise, been in July and it rained for about a minute or two a day but you didn't even bother going inside it was like a quick dip from your sun lounger!!!
  • Thanks hirsty2b,,I think I could just about cope with that much rain!!!x
  • hi sharlouise

    it didnt rain that much, I saw 1 day where it rained really heavily all morning but generally it'll get to late afternoon and have a short 10 minute downpour then its hot and humid again 10 minutes later and you'd never know it had rained.

    I wouldn't be put off St Lucia at that time of year. The caribbean's have a rhyme so that you know when the hurricanes hit:

    June too soon, July stand by, August - A gust, September remember, October all over

    Oh I noticed someone recommend the Windjammer too - I havent visited this hotel but have heard very good reports about this hotel in the past and quite a lot of repeat business. I can recommend it. I've only had bad reports about 1 hotel in St Lucia because the standard is very high.

    Good luck

    Emma x
  • Hi Sarah,

    We're going to St Lucia in Oct. Booked the East Winds Inn and Ladera. Can't wait!

  • skhaskinsskhaskins Posts: 476
    oh wow! Ladera looks AMAZING! bit out of our price range but amazing! Am thinking about windjammer or east winds inn at the moment as H2B isn't sure about Sandals

    can't wait!
  • mize21mize21 Posts: 623
    Hi we have booked our honeymoon to St Lucia for October and are staying in a ocecan front cottage at the Rendezvous. My brother is getting married out there then at the Almond Morgan Bay but as we were tying in our honeymoon we wanted to stay in a different hotel to everyone else. Have had some great recommendations for it on here. We did look into Sandals but something a travel agent on here said put me off it a little bit. They said it was very commercialised with about 20 weddings a day and most people staying there are on their honeymoon. We wanted one that was adults only hence the reason why we chose Rendezvous.
  • MrsMcG2bMrsMcG2b Posts: 165
    We're looking at hotels in St Lucia at the moment for our honeymoon in May - do you think it will be ok at that time of year? We were looking at Coconut Bay Resort but I've just read quite a lot of bad reviews on Tripadvisor so I'm a bit worried about that now, think we might try somewhere else (although it's going to be difficult to keep in budget!)

    mrsotter - do you mind if I ask which was the hotel you heard bad reviews about? Just so that I can avoid it?

    Thanks! x
  • WantThatOneWantThatOne Posts: 1,490
    I'm going to East WInds Inn in..... 85 days time!...... Yippeee, bye bye crappy England weather hello bright blue skies!

    Just have to change passport to married name first....
  • Sorry MrsMcG2b, I've only just read your message, I wasnt ignoring you on purpose!

    "mrsotter - do you mind if I ask which was the hotel you heard bad reviews about? Just so that I can avoid it?"

    It was a hotel called the Club St Lucia by Splash - not very good reports from people on the plane when I've flown home a couple of times - bear in mind though that it's 4 years since I left travel and haven't been in that time so please don't rule this hotel out if its the best one for the budget particularly if it's been taken over or better still, had a refurb.

    St Lucia, Barbados and Antigua as islands are expensive mainly for the reason that they pay workers better than other islands (education is better on thse 3 islands and starts a number of years earlier so their waitresses etc usually are degree educated). The higher cost of these islands doesnt necessarily mean they are better, if you're keeping an eye on the budget try Cuba or Jamaica where you can get some fantastic hotels.

    Oh dear, I've gone off on a tangent again! I'll just shut up!

    Emma x

  • H28 and I stayed in the Ja Loiuse' hotel. very nice one of the few hotels set on a beach.
  • ImpatientUKImpatientUK Posts: 1,660
    MrsMcG2b - we've booked our honeymoon to st lucia & grenada with virgin and we're staying at coconut bay, the travel agents really recommended that hotel and there was a lady in there that was booking a return holiday to coconut bay. She went there for her honeymoon and booking it again for their 1st wedding anniversary.
  • skhaskinsskhaskins Posts: 476
    thank you so much for all your help everyone

    we've now booked the east winds inn - yay! so excited to have it booked finally.
  • WantThatOneWantThatOne Posts: 1,490
    Yayyy!!! I've been back from there for a week and wishing we were still there.

    We had the most amazing time, you will not be dissapointed, please say hello to Mac, Eric, Christine and Sebastian for us!
  • skhaskinsskhaskins Posts: 476
    thank you to everyone who recommended East Winds - it was absolutely stunning. Perfect place for our honeymoon adn we loved every minute. Food at home seems very boring now after all the gorgeous meals!
  • WantThatOneWantThatOne Posts: 1,490
    Ha Ha! Ours seems so long ago now but I still miss purple rains at sunset at our favourite spot by the wall.
  • My sister-in-law got ,married 2 years this Christmas in St.Lucia. We were all due to stay at Splash, but ended up being moved to Coconut Bay as Splash had been taken over by another hotel group and was closing for refurbishment. It was a nice hotel, lots of space in the grounds and the beach is private too as you are in a cove. In the morning there is alot of seaweed on the beach, but this is cleared everyday. It's only a 5 minute transfer to the hotel from the airport, and I can say that there is no aircraft noise or any sight of any large 747's coming into land. They are the only hotel in this part of the island, so if you are looking shops etc you wil need to take a trip to Castries. We did have a lovely time there and the wedding venue was lovely too, overlooking the ocean. If you have children coming the kids club and waterpark are great. The food in the main restaurant is very good, but in the other restaurants it's not that great.
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