What to Wear in the Maldives?

Hi ladies, anyone going to the Maldives?

What are you taking to wear for during the day and night time?

I was just going to take swimsuits and a few pairs of shorts and t shirts for during the day.

I really don't know about night time! I just thought cool skirts and tops.

I heard you dont need any shoes. Is that true? Even at night time? I might get some cheap sparkly flip flops!

How hot is it at night? x

I'd love to hear what you are all planning on taking with you!

Thanks, Ronnie x


  • Hi Ronnie, Im going to Veligandu on 21st July, when & what Island are you going too? Im soo excited!

    Im only taking a few pairs of shorts & t shirts for the day, I think you need to wear them to go into the restaurants and like you said just a few summer dresses/skirts for night time.

    I think its sort of true about the shoes, but alot of people say you need flipflops as the sand & decks get extremely hot, so Im taking one pair for the day and a sparkly pair for the night, although apparently our resort supply you with flipflops in the room!!!

    I think my case will be the lightest it ever has been!!!

    C x
  • Oh that's great! I'm so excited too! It's not long till you go!!!! I just googled your hotel. It is perfect! You'll have an amazing time! We're going to the The Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Hurra Resort on the 20th October for 2 weeks.

    I think I might have a light case too! So I'll take 14 bikinis! haha!
  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    A few kaftans for the beach will double up with a vest underneath for evening wear. They don't get dressed up for dinner in the Maldives - even at 5 star places! It's far too laid back for that, but obviously no swimwear in the restaurants!

    Have a fab time x
  • MissscukMissscuk Posts: 199
    yes I think you should take sandals/ flip flops.

    Also take some reef shoes for walking into the sea as the coral cn be a bit rough underfoot!
  • I'm off to Meeru in August and everyone says flip flops are the way to go. apparantly heels (even kitten ones) are useless!!

    Also nothing fancy as its casual all the way.

    Maybe I'll have to go and get flip flops to go with every colour vest top I have . . .
  • Hi Claireclaired - I am going to Veligandu too! It looks gorgeous. I don't go til Nov tho so you will be soaking up the sun well before me! I have been to the Maldives before - I actually went to Meeru tina! No one dressed up and you could really get away without shoes at Meeru because even inside the bar and restaurant is sand! Meeru was absolutely breathtaking! I couldn't fault one thing about it. I am happy to answer any questions about it if I can.
  • Hi Tracy, I cant wait to go to Veligandu, it does look gorgeous. Are you staying in a JWV? We were originally going to Herathera but the reviews are still mixed so we decided to bite the bullet and pay abit more and go to Veligandu after seeing pics on Tripadvisor!

    When do you get married? We're getting married in Italy on 18th July, flying home then onto Veligandu on 21st!! Cant come quick enough

  • We are staying in a JWV too! I thought they looked gorgeous and although quite expensive are not too bad compared with other Maldives resorts. We are getting married in Sri Lanka on 29th Oct then flying over to the Maldives for 1 week. I can't wait either! You haven't got too long now - congrats!
  • emmacorrollemmacorroll Posts: 2,264
    Oooh, I can be some use here as my husband & I went to the Maldives for our honeymoon last September!

    I took lots of bikinis (wore them all) and some cropped trousers/shorts and strapless boob tube type tops (probably only wore about half of what I took with me though as you don't really have them on for long enough to need to change every day?)

    Take a couple of summer dresses for evening and again some nicer tops with perhaps some skirts.

    Basically take enough clothes for one week as you can wear them again for sure.

    I took a 'day pair' of flip flops (necessary if you go out on boat trips) and a sequined pair from Accessorize for evening but only wore those once!

    You'll have a fab time whatever you wear ladies!!
  • kjkukkjkuk Posts: 307
    hey missronnie, we're going to Hakuraa Hurra in august i'm thinking of taking some summery dresses for at night, seen some nice maxi ones that i wouldn't wear at home, but really like. I know i'll wear the same things over again and come back with labels still on stuff!!
  • Oh thanks everyone! That's great help! SOOOO EXCITED!
  • WhinfieldWhinfield Posts: 372

    I went to Sun Island for my Honeymoon last year and we have just booked to go to Kuredu next year! Its a fab place!!!

    Anything goes in the Maldives, the only thing they dont like is swimwear at lunch, make sure you take a vest to puit over your bikini top, I know most people wouldnt just go for dinner in their bikinis but I did see it and they were asked to cover up a little!!

    Otherwise, light dresses as it's very humid, linen pants, vest tops, shorts!

    You will have a wonderful time

  • Thanks Katie3007, I am really looking forward to it! x
  • AmyBent25AmyBent25 Posts: 55
    Hello..Anyone off to Club Furu in the Maldives? We are jetting off nxt August after the wedding for 2 wks!! So exciting...!

    My friend went for her Honeymoon in the maldives and she said the locals love footy out there and her Husband came back with none off his football shirts! Lol. So tell ya H2b to take some spare! lol!! Any advice about the Maldives would be great!

  • smw966smw966 Posts: 45
    i got engaged in the maldives in november. i took loads of shorts, jeans, t shirts etc and wore one pair! you dont need shoes or jumpers or anything like that! just bikinis and after sun. the snorkels were expensive to hire out there so i would take my own if i am lucky enough to go again. am very jealous of all of you going. it is the most beautiful place. there is nothing to do.. but absolute heaven! take an underwater camera too!
  • SMV966 - it must have been so romantic getting engaged there!

    Thanks for the tips!
  • smw966smw966 Posts: 45
    yes it was really romantic, except we both had really bad tummy bugs.. and your bathroom is outside... so the german couple next door were quite concerned about us! how embarassing!

    in total my h2b was ill for 2 days and i was then ill for 3 - we were only there for a week! and both us thought we were going to die! - no really neither of us have ever been that ill before!

    so poor man had to wait till the last night to propose.. after 8 yrs together!

    but it was bliss and you will truely have the most amazing time. We took some board games as well as books and sweets!

    I forgot about our tummy bugs the 1st time I wrote which shows just what a fantastic place it was!

    another top tip - take tummy bug pills and rehydration sachets

    dont worry if its rainy season - its still really warm and the rain is warm too!
  • Oh that's a shame!!! Tummy bug pills and rehydration sachets are now at the top of my list!!!

    When is the rainy season? We're going there on 20th Oct for 2 weeks. x
  • helen899193helen899193 Posts: 48

    We're also flying out to the maldives on 20th october from manchester staying on holiday island. I always take too many clothes so its going to be hard saying no to clothes jumping out at me
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