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December 1st brides

Where are the other December 1st brides? 10 days to go. Are you calm or are you going mad yet?

I'm so calm it is scaring me. Just waiting to completely lose it! And my bridesmaid dresses aren't ready yet



  • Hi fellow december 1st bride. I'm also really calm very strange people keep asking me why i'm not nervous - haven't really got an answer and I've been sent the wrong wedding dress .... Oh well i'll still be married in 10 DAYS!
  • oh my god I don't think I would be calm if my dress was wrong! Is it the right size but wrong style as that wouldn't ba as bad. I still wouldn't be happy though.

    I got my bridesmaid dresses from Alfred Angelo and they were 3 weeks late. Then when they did come all 4 of them needed major alterations which the dress maker did a really bad job on. I've had to get my Nan to correct all of them but they are done now which is the main thing!

    I certainly wouldn't recommend Alfred Angelo to anyone.

    Good luck on your big day Mildred. I bet we aren't so calm this time next week

  • I've started getting butterflys today, it's a week till we fly to Vegas!

    The dress is the right size, right colour and right designer just wrong design i was a bit upset at first but the dress is beautiful and it'snot as though i haven't got anything to wear. I definitley wouldn't recommend anyone buy their dress from in the US.

    What a nightmare with your bridesmaid dresses, do they look how you wanted them to now?

    Good luck with everything i hope you have a stress free 9 days and havea fantastic wedding day xx
  • Good luck to all your Dec 1st brides - will be thinking of you this weekend and sending you lots of love, luck and happiness.

    A friend of mine who got married this summer just sent me an email with some advice - she said make sure you take a bit of special time to one side with your husband - you have so many people to talk to it's really easy not to speak to each other properly all day!

    Let us know how it all goes!

    Love E xxx
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