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where are your presents going?!

Hello there!

Latest connundrum... what's happening to your presents after the reception? We've had an non-store gift list, so hopefully we'll be getting lots of exciting colourful parcels piling up on the day! But we are heading straight off to honeymoon from the venue.

Unfortunately most people live too far away from where we live.

I don't want them all taken back to my house which will then be empty for two weeks.

MIL is the obviously one as we are seeing her at Christmas, just after we get back, but she's a little worried about insurance.

Most of our friends nearby live in, lets say, areas prone to break ins!

What are you all doing and does anyone know what the insurance implications are of having a pile of wedding presents in your house for a couple of weeks?

Thanks, Clare

PS. And good luck to all of you getting married this week!


  • Hiya,

    When are you getting married? Why do I think we're wedding twins - 10th December?

    Pressies are going to our house with my mum after the wedding as we're only away for 2 nights.

    Can you get wedding pressie list people to deliver them when you're back. Know it's not as much fun, but at least you'll feel comfortable knowing they're all safe?

    Good luck

    T x
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