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Honeymoon problems...

... Stop 2 on our honeymoon is Fiji.

Where currently there is a military coup about to start. Absolute fecking nightmare. The FCO are advising all British citizens to leave Fiji and only to travel there on essential business. Since we are are going in a month it's all a bit close for comfort to leave the schedule alone. We have to call Virgin tomorrow to see what's what and if we can change the location.

I am deeply deeply miffed about the whole thing and trying not to flap too much. Of course insurance doesn't cover for a coup - it's classed as war. Can I cry now?



  • ElukEluk Posts: 62
    Oh dear. That is rubbish. Maybe you can re route to another pacific island is it comes down to it such as Thaiti or Samona or somewhere? I am sure Virgin will be quite accommodating even if the insurance is a bit of a nightmare.
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