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How are you all doing December brides?

I have to say I am finally getting excited. I spent most of the past few weeks feeling totally indifferent and then feeling worried that I felt like that and tried to determine whether it meant I was therefore not keen on the whole schbang. But am pleaed to say it has all kicked in now and am feeling excited. My H2b is beside himself and wants it to be tomorrow. It is like Christmas for him, he's gone bonkers!

How are you all doing?


  • WombatukWombatuk Posts: 124
    Last week was the week - quite frankly - from hell! We were told we had to cancel our entire honeymoon thanks to the coup in Fiji - despite the rest of the honeymoon locations being absolutely fine. After many calls and a very tenacious travel agent, we managed to salvage our honeymoon. But this took from Monday until Thursday - much stress!

    Added to this was the discovery that a wedding cake from M&S was not possible, thanks to a last delivery date of the 21st - and a shelf life of 3 days for sponge cake. Cue a sobbing attack outside M&S on Tuesday night.

    Thank god for the Mum-in-law who swiftly located a cake maker pal in Glasgow to make us one!

    So - all in all a crappy week! I hope this is it for our wedding jinxes now. I don't know if I can cope with any more!!

    This week is SO much better and I too am looking forward to it again! Picking up my dress on Saturday and have a facial this Wednesday.

    18 days to go....
  • I'm 19 days and I totally sympathise. I had a really awful November. Truly awful. H2b and I nearly split, house sale fell through, hotel cock-ups etc etc. It was soooo bad I nearly gave up. I think it happens to everyone and now you are clearly on track.

    Wishing you loads of luck.

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