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Help Honeymoon advice needed from Dec 06 B2B!

Hi all Dec 06 brides 2 be,

I am getting married 15th Dec 07 and I am having a nightmare trying to think about what to do for a honeymoon. We thought we wanted to go to the Maldives but because we only want to go somewhere for a week as we want to be back for Christmas we thought it was a bit far to go. We then thought about skiing but apparently the ski season does not start until the 23rd Dec. So I am a bit stuck, I guess I would prefer a more cold wintery destination as opposed to hot destination as we will probs go to South Africa the following year as a delayed honeymoon.

Where are you all going for your honeymoons in particular to those brides getting married on the 16th Dec this year, are you just going away for a week or will you be away for Christmas to?

Hope you all have an amazing wedding day, remember to come back with all the details x


  • Hi Elle6

    Getting married Dec 22nd (9 days and counting)! We wanted to go to Sri Lanka and Maldives over new year but worked out really expensive. So we are going in February.

    We have decided to go to Rome for New Year for 4 nights. Staying here for Xmas with step kids! We have managed to get fairly cheap flights and a really nice hotel. Everyone says its really romantic - never been before.

    So maybe you could consider a city break - somewhere romantic! Rome is supposed to be amazing over Xmas but there's Prague, Florence, Paris - all supposed to be really lovely at that time of year.

    Let us know what you decide.

    Louby Lou xx
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