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Any September brides honeymoon in the Maldives?

We have booked ours there already for the 2nd - 17th, but just thought I'd gauge what the weather might be like to prepare myself for 14 days of rain if needs be!


  • Hi there!

    This is my first time back on this website since my wedding last September. We honeymooned in the Maldives from 25th Sept - 9 October. We had wonderful weather for most of the fortnight but some mornings were cloudy, and yes, on some days it did rain! This is typical for the Maldives at that time of year but it didn't spoil our time one bit. You will have a great time - enjoy!

    Miss P (now Mrs W!)
  • cswoodukcswooduk Posts: 36
    Hi, we went to the Maldives for 2 weeks from 3rd Seprtember last year. The first week was very tropical, but even when it rains you can sit outide the villa in a bikini, because the temperature doesn't really drop, it just stays around the 30 mark, day and night. The second week it brightened up and we had blue sky every day. I took a couple of cardies with me for the evenings but didn't use them once!

    You will have such an amazing time, the Maldives are fantastic! Which island are you going to?
  • We're going on 8th Septemeber and like you were worried about the weather. In the end we just thought on an amazing island with views like that...can a bit of rain really be that bad!

    Ooooh Im so excited already image
  • pauleeenukpauleeenuk Posts: 799
    we are going on the 16th october, we get married in september tho. i imagine the odd bit of rain may be welcome, it can get so warm there by all accounts!!

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh i cant wait!!
  • humberhhumberh Posts: 5

    i too get married in septemeber and have dreamed of going to maldives for honeymoon and been worrying about weather as so much to spend for rain and cloud when could go somewhere else with count on clear skies everyday - still not 100% what to do!!
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