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Anyone else for the 22nd September

Just wondering if there is anyone else getting married on the 22nd September?????

How all going ???


  • sjn82sjn82 Posts: 55
    Close enough. I'm getting married 23 September. Starting to get nervous now Keep wondering if theres loads of stuff ive forgotten about.
  • millymandmillymand Posts: 15
    Hi, I'm getting married on 22nd September. Where are you getting married? Have you got everything organised and finalised. Good luck and hope you have a smashing day.

  • debbie_wdebbie_w Posts: 229
    Hi B2B & Pingu...

    I keep having attacks of what else do i need to do....going into state of panic of trival stuff.

    I think all is under control....can't do a lot of stuff as marrying in Cyprus....photographers, reception, flowers, buttonholes, cake we choose when we get out there...but still in a state of panic...hopefully the pounds will drop off though image.

    Also trying to orgainise the party back here for the return, so having wedding cake, first dance, buffet, drinks etc when get back....garbbling on i go again..image

    Hope is going well with you guys too???? How it all going??? Whats still to get????

  • millymandmillymand Posts: 15
    Hi Debbie,

    Good luck for your wedding in cyprus, I don't think I could leave everything to decide until I arrived at destination but I'm sure it will all work out for you.

    We still haven't sorted our cake yet, but we have photographer, florist, vows etc all chosen. H2b is sorting all the evening reception music including a band and we have just booked a string quartet for our ceremony and to play during the wedding breakfast. I am so excited as it sounds fantastic and solves all problems of what I was going to walk in to etc, we are keeping it a secret from our guests so hopefully it will have great impact on the day.

    Hope everyone is ok and keeping calm,

    Speak soon

  • debbie_wdebbie_w Posts: 229

    Your wedding plans sound lovely...especially having the string Quartet.

    It's so exciting and getting so close now. Have you got your dress yet???

  • millymandmillymand Posts: 15
    Hi Debbie, Thanks for your reply. My dress in on order and will hopefully arrive at the beginning of August. I keep panicking though incase I have chosen the wrong one. It's a beaded bodice and full tulle skirt, my friend thinks it looks lovely on me and I suppose it is very 'me' but with so many gorgeous gowns to choose from

    my head is in a dilemma. I suppose its too late to change my mind now though.

    Pingu X
  • lindsayqlindsayq Posts: 1
    Hi Debbie, Im getting married at the Grecian Park Hotel in Protaras in October and wondered where you got married - was it fantastic? Also do you have any useful contacts for photographers amd favours etc? I really need to start planning now so any help would be great!

    Thanks lots

    Lindsay x
  • debbie_wdebbie_w Posts: 229
    Hi Lindsay...

    I have done loads of postings on this site as had loads of questions and I know how I felt at the time and I also asked heaps of questions...I took all my own favours, place cards, bubbles, confetti, disposable camera and disposable camera cards for the tables.

    When we arrived booked into see the Nicos the manager straight away as we really wanted the BBQ area for the reception. Which the manager arranged for us, as well and the food and wine, I would recommend as soon as you get to the hotel book a meeting with the manager. He also set my mind at rest that everything would be plain sailing...which it was.

    You will also get a message afterwards to meet the housekeeper..who gives you a plan to mark out were you want to seat everyone, what decorations you would like on the tables...note that you will have extra costs here..we paid about £90 for vases, candles, napkins and ribbons, balloons worth it though the table was beautiful.

    If you book with a tour operator you will also meet with them and they will try and sell you everything...we booked flowers and photos and sunset photos. Also they arrange us to go to the town hall to arrange marriage licence. We booked for Jill and steve to do the dvd for us who had been reccomended to us...this was amazing best money spent.

    I had my hair and nails all done at the hotel too. Hayley who runs the hair salon is fantastic...a great laugh, go and see her when you arrive and she'll book you in for your wedding and a trial..think only £40cp so not too bad at all.

    I could yabber on for you'll have to speed read..he's another email I sent to another girl recently and also the wedding day details of my day...reading overload..if you have anymore question by all means just let me know...Happy planning Debs x

    I can't recommend Grecian Park enough...I was the most amazing setting and the day was just perfect. I won't change anything.

    We booked with First Choice Holidays, we chose two dates...but they are unable to tell you which date you have got. But I contacted the hotel and I emailed hayley there to book hair for the wedding and they told me which date I had. I also went to the National Wedding Show at Olympia where the manager was and I asked him there if I could book the BBQ receiption...just incase there was another wedding on the same day...which he let me do. I'm sure you could phone the hotel and speak to the manager and book this over the phone.

    We booked our photographer through first choice, and his name was George, i think the company they use is Photochoice.

    Yes I took own name cards, confetti for the tables, favours, and disposable cameras.

    You did have to pay extra for the napkins, ribbons, vases, candles and balloons...just to let you know...come to about £90cp which was worth looked beautiful and for the food it was gourgous...everyone said how nice it was.

    I don't mind if you have anymore questions really pleased to help....I know how I felt before and just wanted to set my mind at rest...I had thousands of questions.

    Also I can really reccomd paying out to have a DVD done...we had our done by an english couple Jill and Steve...who were recommened to us and they just did an amazing job, it was lovely and brought copies for all the grandparents who couldn't make it. Jill and Steve at Still Productions don't have a website...but I have an email for them which is: [email protected]

    If you drop Jill an email, saying your very interested she'll send through a couple of demos for you. They are really personal and you can chose your own music...when we watched ours the first time it was amazing how much we missed. We also booked the sunset pictures that I would also say is worth the money.

    This will probably take you ages to I have included a couple of emails I have sent to other girlies that have asked an email about the day...happy reading..

    Debs xx


    Sorry peeps this has taken me so long to get round to writing...but here goes...sorry its long.....

    The morning of the wedding.......We were getting married at the Grecian Park Hotel in Cyprus (where we were staying) on Friday 22nd September at loads of time hanging round....but No!!!

    Me and my two bridesmaid woke up, opened the blinds, the sun was shining brightly (they stayed at the same hotel as me). We went down for breakfast at around 10am....with Champagne of course!! Liam H2B was staying at a hotel in resort with his brother...his bestman..

    After breakie the girls had the hair appointments at the Hotel Salon at 11am, Chelsey (Liam's niece) had hers done first, whilst (Therese) had a Hydro Floatation tank treatment...don't ask she came out looking bright red!! Then Therese had her hair done....they both looked stunning!! by this time the redness had gone down.

    Mum arrived at the hotel to have her hair done at 12.30...she had tears in her eyes (bless), whilst the girls had there nails done at the beauty salon.

    I went and had my nails done at 1pm (where is the time going!!!), got back up to the room about 1.30pm time to start sorting out the make-up (I had trials done at MAC and brought all the products...but hadn't had time to practice, so first time lucky!!), thought that was going to be a nightmare and I'd end up like Denise Royal - my hair looks shite and crying, but I was quite calm really and make-up went on well (thank god).

    It was now 2.30pm and I was back down to the salon to have my hair done, so Hayley the hairdresser got started ... I'd already had a hair trial a couple of days before, so I just relaxed...apart from having Jill there filming for our DVD. Hayley and Jill were excellent and just laughing all the time I was there... I was so shocked me...normally an emotional control freak!!! Jill had filmed Liam getting ready earlier and said that he was writing his speech and getting nervous, knowing Liam was nervous actually made me calmer.

    Hair all done back up to the hotel room to get dressed (3.30ish)..I walked in and Chelsey and Therese were in there dresses....they looked stunning, and the girls were just dressing Chloe (my niece) as she was my flower cute.

    I got dressed and touched up the make-up and the wedding organiser knocked on the door and she dropped off the bouquets...they were perfect..I choose lillies form me and the bridesmaids. The wedding orgainiser then went down to reception to drop off the buttonholes and corsages to the bridal party.

    Liam was meeting everyone in the hotel reception...they all relaxed on the big sofas in the sunshine by the pool....I had to have a sneaky peek over the balcony...they all looked gorgeous. Then I saw Liam walking down and all the guest to the cliff top area where we were getting married. When Liam was out of site ...I couldn't help but shout down to the girls.

    The wedding planner came to the room to tell us they were ready for us....we came down to the reception where I met dad, looking really cool. We all had more pictures done and walked down to the cliff top, I was standing at the top of the stairs and then it hit me I started to shake...still composed but shaking, dad said to me that this was the same point that my sister started to loose it when she got married.

    Thomas (my nephew) and Chloe walked down the stairs together first (Thomas doing tiny steps and Chloe stomping um), followed by Therese and Chelsey...they made it down. Then me and Dad...saw everyone looking up at me all smiling and just felt amazing...I could see Liam in the distance smiling too!!

    Walked down to Liam without tripping with the wedding march playing softly in the background and the ceremony begun, it was very relaxed and both spoke clearly...I nearly lost it though on the last sentence 'till death do us part'...but managed to hold in there and breathe.

    WE WERE MARRIED!!! Everyone clapping and cheering..we had 56 family and friends come out with us and just made it so amazing. We were handed a Cypriot gift and our wedding certificate, and then the hard work's, photo's, photo's.

    Everyone was ushered up to the cliff bar for Champagne and Canap????s, whilst me and Liam were having yet more photos and filming. We then went up to the Cliff bar for Champagne ... yippee oh and more photo's cutting the cake. We got chance to speak to everyone for a while...before being whisked off for sunset photos...everyone else was relaxing and chatting in the bar.

    The sunset was beautiful and was perfect as got to spend some time together just as Husband and Wife amongst the photos and filming. We then headed back for dinner....which was a BBQ under a marquee over looking the sea, although by this time it was 7pm and bit dark to see the sea. The tables were decorated

    We decided that probably best for the guys to do there speeches before we ate and get them all out the way. They were all fantastic...everyone laughed all the way through, then we started a beautiful meal of Cypriot salads, meats etc and yummy gateaux's too.

    I had to throw the bouquet there were a few girlies who really wanted I was expecting it to be ripped to shreds...I took of some of the pearls for my keepsake box, it was fine and one lucky lady caught it...she also has kept some of the pearls from the bouquet too...hopefully good luck...fingers crossed.

    We all then relaxed in the cliff bar, it was beautiful all lit up by candles and lanterns, had a great evening, chatting, I didn't want it to end...but it had too after quite a few more vodkas with the girlies until the bar had to shut about 2am...a few of them went on clubbing, but we were so exhausted from the day we crashed out. When we got to our room (I'm not going there) the girls had covered the bed in rose petals, a t-shirt for me with my new surname and presents.

    The best feeling is waking up the next morning and looking at your now husband smiling...its bizarre (you married girlies will know what I mean). There was a knock at the door and our Champagne breakfast arrived with all the photos (proofs). We sat in bed opening wedding cards, presents and looking at the photos.

    We had the most fantastic wedding day, holiday and honeymoon with all our friends and family...but also had us time too. I wouldn't change a thing.

    After such a good time it was then time to leave Cyprus .....but we had the return party (wedding reception) back at home to look forward to....I'll fill you in on that but will have to wait till report 2.

    heres the link to pics too..

    some more...and of the hotel its lovely...image

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