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November Dates - Date, Time and Place x

Hello Ladies of November -

Thought you may want to track where and when we will all be saying ???????I do???????

sw7 - 3rd November 2006 2pm The Piersland House Hotel, Troon.

CJ - 4th November 2006 11am, Glasgow

Westiesgirl - 4th November 12pm St Mary Magdalane Chuch, Coventry

ShoeLady - 4th November 2006 1pm Ewell Church then Losley Park, Guilford

Jayne7 - 4th November 2006 2.30pm St.Giles Church, Derby

Liz79 - 4th November 2006 3pm Two Bridges Hotel Dartmoor at 3pm

may2 - 5th November at 3.00pm at St Augustines Church, Kent.

Stefany - 9th November 2006 Gretna Hall Blacksmiths

Kay306 - 10th Nov at Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas

Loobyloo - 11th November 2006 1pm Himley hotel, West Midlands

Claireinfrance - 11th November 2006 1.30pm St Marys Church, Shoeburyness, Essex

Tubs - 11th November 2006 1.30pm Wood Hall, Linton, Wetherby

Ann-Marie - 11th November 2006 2.30pm Chiseldon House Hotel near Swindon, Wiltshire

lix3 - Seychelles on November 15th 2006

Hols- 17th November 2006 1.30pm Luton, Beds

Sonya - 17th November 2006 4pm Preston, Lancs

HM2B - 18th November 2006 12.30pm Warwickshire

Alison - 18th November 2006 12.30 (Civil Ceremony - don't know where!)

BelB2B - 18th November 2006 2pm West Wales

Vicky1978- 25th November 2006 12.30pm Acton Trussell, Staffordshire

laurajayne - 25th November 2006, 1pm. The Duke of Cornwall Hotel, Plymouth

Samiana - 25th November 2006 2pm Seaford, East Sussex

helen35 - 25th November 2006 2pm, Old Windsor

Emma46 - 25th November 2006 2.30pm Fennes Essex

lindsay6 - 25th November 3.30pm Thistle Hotel Stratford Upon Avon

Bride2b - 25th November 2006 5.30pm Jonah's, Whale Beach, Sydney, Australia which is 8.30am UK time (I think!!!!)

emma d 25th - November 2006 Monkey Island

emcrill - 25th November 2006 - (emcrill - I hope you have a wonderful day 'wherever' you get married - tee hee!!!)

Anyone else wanting to join on - post a reply on the bottom and I will put you all on for November.

Bel xx

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  • Hi Bel

    I am getting married on 25th November at 12.30pm in Acton Trussell, Staffordshire


  • Great idea

    I am getting married 4th Nov 2006 at 1.00, Ewell Church and then Loseley park, Guildford

    Thank you

  • I getting Married on 25th at 2.30 at The Fennes in Essex!

    CHeers, Great to know when everybodys date is!
  • hi

    Im getting married 11th november at 13h30 in st marys church shoeburyness essex

  • Hi,

    We're getting married on 25 November at 2pm in Seaford, East Sussex.

    Sam x
  • Hi

    I am getting married on 25th November in Jonah's, Whale Beach, Sydney Australia at 5.30pm
  • november 11th, 1pm in Himley hotel, west mids!

    only 64 days to go OMG!!!!!
  • Hiya guys

    I'm getting married on 3/11/06 2pm at The Piersland House Hotel Troon.

    Not long now I'm getting quite excited!!

    S x
  • Hi,

    I'm getting married 4th November Two Bridges Hotel Dartmoor at 3pm x
  • Hi

    We are getting married on 11th November, 2006 at 1430 at the Chiseldon House Hotel near Swindon, Wiltshire.

    Just over 9 weeks to go!!!

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  • jaynekukjaynekuk Posts: 2,893
    Hi mine is at St.Giles Church in Derby, on 4th November 2006 at 2:30pm. Thats our new date.

    Jayne .x.
  • Hi Bel,

    I get married on 10th Nov at Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas.

  • Great Idea!!!

    I am being married Sat 4th nov at 11am in Glasgow

  • HI,

    Love this idea of getting to know where and when everyone else is getting married.


    i'm getting married november 9th at gretna hall blacksmiths.

    we're travelling up from liverpool with 50 family members and can't wait.

    steph. xx
  • Hi girls,

    were getting married on the 25th November at the Duke of Cornwall hotel, plymouth at 1pm!

    I'm soooo excited!

    good luck girlys!

    Laura. x x

  • Hi

    I'm getting married at 2pm on 25th November in Old Windsor.

    Panic starting to set in!! image

    Helen x
  • Hi ladies - less than two months for me ahhhhh. I am getting married on 11th Nov at 1.30 at Wood Hall, Linton, Wetherby.
  • well done bel!! oh my god not long now!!!
  • getting married @ 12pm on 4th November at St Mary Magdalane Church, Coventry

    Reception @ Coombe Abbey

    42 days & 6 weeks 2moro
  • Hi I have stayed at Coombe Abbey, what a great place to have the reception!

  • Hi Ladies

    Sorry... Been busy - think I have put all the dates above!

    If I have missed anyone - let me know?

    Under 2 months to go now till the November Nuptials!

  • Haven't been on for a while so a bit late, good idea, 25th Nov, 2pm at Monkey Island
  • Hi,

    I'm getting married on the 25th Nov at 3.30pm in the Thistle hotel in Stratford Upon Avon

  • Wow Wee!! What an awesome idea! Good Job!

    Am getting married at 2pm Canford School Chapel, Dorset.

    Is anyone alse finding this stressful? Just suddenly hit me on Monday, 2 months aaarrrghhh!!

  • Hi emcrill

    I want to put you on for November, but cant.....

    Any chance of having the date that you are getting married on??? Tee Hee!


    Bel xxxx
  • I am getting married in the Seychelles on November 15th - only two weeks to go!!!!!!
  • Oh my god!!

    I have so lost my brain in this whole run up thing. I hope I'm not alone?!!

    It's the 25th November.

    Sorry Bel


  • Hello all you other November brides,

    I am getting married on the 5th November at 3.00pm at St Augustines Church, Kent.

    Last day at work today, and I cannot wait till the end of day so I can relax about work, and get 110% into the last of the preps (not much luckily). Plus i get to sleep in! hopefully. Don't know about the rest of you but I find myself waking up at odd hours with things on the brain, plus 3am worries.

    Anyway I'm sure all will go well for all of us on the day.

    good luck and best wishes to you all.

  • wow good luck to you for the weekend! hope that your day goes really well!

    i still have 15 days!

  • Hey Ladies!

    Everyone is now on the list - its the 1st of November, so I hope you all enjoy watching the count down for your weddings!

    Bel xx

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