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December Brides 'The List'!

I've decided to make a list of all our wedding dates, hope no one minds! If I've missed anyone please let me know so I can add you! (Think the October Brides have already done this!)


1st Hayles2, NIX, Jodylou, Mildred

2nd Nat1, Fairyltale06, Victoria8, Mongoose, Cheese, Debbie7,Bex 02

4th Gems3

9th Suzie, Eralc, Bexx, Sazzy

10th Decemberbride, Bailey

16th Lizzie1, Eden, cpj, Goldy, Becky_moo

21st Xmasbride2b

22nd Millerbecks, Loubylou, KT2, Loumadbride, Vicky7153, Lisarob

23rd LittleSa, F1fan, Debewan

28th Lupin

29th Wombat

30th Phi, Katie22, Wed_in-winter

31st Newyearbride, Emma25, Floydie

1st Dec 07 SJB

15th Dec 07 Elle6

29th Dec 07 Wife 2B!!! the Dec 07 girlies don't have their section yet!!!

Didn't realise there were so many of us!!! Tell me if I got your date wrong/spelt your name wrong or I missed you off! And if there are any more December brides out there that are hiding and haven't introduced themselves get yourself registered and even better on the DECEMBER BRIDES LIST!!!! (all the cool people are on there!! haha)


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  • Cheese - 2nd Dec
  • ElukEluk Posts: 62
    30 December for me...x
  • 31st December x
  • Hi I've not been very good at visiting the chat room but I am a december bride too. I am getting married on the 1st. My H2b is called Lee. I'd like to be part of the gang as I am getting really nervous now and could do with some moral support!

    Hope everyones plans are going ok.

  • Hi, put me down for 2nd Dec, always reading stuff but must post more!!

    Debbie xxx
  • Yeah get chatting, both the two of you! Everyone here is dead nice and helpful, esp the December girls! hee hee


    PS debbie7 your one of my 'wedding twins!!' hee hee

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  • Hi fairytale,

    I am on the 16th together with lizzie1.

    I'm starting to feel really stressed now. Does anyone else feel that the fun part of organising is over and that now it's basically a race against the clock? Argh!!!!!!

    Good luck everyone!

    Eden xx
  • goodwork fairytale!!! - now we'll know who has and who hasn't posted their wedding reports when we're all bored in january!

    ahhh eden - do you really think its not fun anymore - have to say i'm just getting more and more excited and can't believe ive still got another 13 weeks to wait! mind you have still got lots of tasks to do!

    going to go to confetti tonight and get last bits of table decorations and envelopes for invites from paperchase.

    sad confession - i am now carrying a notebook around with me at all times with so many lists in it - its a tad monica isn't it!!
  • Don't worry I'm a total Monica too. I'm a mixture between excited, fed up of waiting....never had to wait this long for ANYTHING! (it feels that way anyway) and panicked that nothing will go wrong on the day, can't wait for the day though, the getting ready, wearing my dres....oh yeah and the getting married part......H2B said something really sweet though the other day that really stopped me from worrying so much, he was like 'I don't care if eveything that can go wrong does go wrong as long as you're my wife at the end of the day it will be the happiest day of my life!' I was just like....pass the tissues!!! hee hee x

    By the way....I think I win the contest of Dec B2B with the most time on her hands today! haha!
  • Bump! lets get somemore dates in!!! Any December brides not registered , get yourself on the forum and join in the countdown! We won't bite!

  • bex02bex02 Posts: 99
    The 2nd for me. Am swinging from rediculousy excited to overwhelemed at how much I have left to do!
  • Tell me about it, it's a rollercoaster of emotions!!

  • Hello to all of our new chatroom december brides - happy chatting

    Cool idea Fairytale06 - I was wondering how many of us there are.

    Im with you Eden - I feel like I have no time left and am an absolute ball of stress. A friend of ours got engaged on Sunday and couldn't help feeling a weeny bit jealous because she has it all to look forward to and for me its nearly all over. All of my planning is completed but am not at all on target when it comes to facing the dreaded weight issue!!! eeeekkk only have a stone to shift but have no motivation!!! Instead I think to my self 13 weeks to go must shift some weight and then its into panic mode and I have snaffled a complete twix in one bite without knowing it!!! meep!!

  • Hi Gals

    I am also sooooooo excited now i cant wait......10 weeks on Friday for me and Jodylou- yey!!! We are both 1st December!!! I think it is just the countdown now- everything is organised really- have even sorted my music out now- yipee!!!

    What does everyone think of my dress i am a bit nervous that people will go "urrgghh black and white dress". I love it and had to have it (it is the pic on my icon) but you can also see it on the Maggie Sottero website, the dress is called Vincenza........

    JodyLou- where abouts in the contry are you? Im in West Yorkshire. xx

    I am now totally addicted to this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Nix

    Think your dress is beautiful, I like dresses with colour, especially in winter time. Mine has claret on it, christmassy I thought.

    Hi fairytale06, my new found wedding twin, nice to meet you, will definately chat more, have 2 twins now, a real life twin and a wedding twin, how blessed am I!!

    Debbie xxx
  • Hi Nix

    I've just emailed you as I am rubbish at keeping up with the chat room.

    I'm in London which is massivley expensive for venues but I did some really good hunting and found great places for both ceremony and reception.

    You sound so organsied it makes me feel a bit sick. We haven't even sent out our invites yet. Everyone knows the date but it still stresses me. I wanted them to go out on the 1st Sept but it is the busiest month for me at work and we have jsut moved house too.

    Is anyone else getting married in London?

    Anyway stay in touch Nix as cos I could do with the moral support right now. Getting very nervous!

    Jodylou x
  • Hi there

    I'm getting married on 16 December this year - please add me in. I've got so much to do - no bridesmaids dresses yet or flower girls. No video man, not sorted something for over dress or shoes....the list just goes on and on......
  • bex02bex02 Posts: 99
    Just when I think I'm making prgress. I seem to have yet another decision to make! Plus, I think my bridesmaids dresses are stuck in customs!

    Are any of my fellow 2nd Dec brides having a church ceremony? If so have you chosen hyms, readings etc? We havent as the vicar only started 2 weeks ago. Have no idea when he will contact us to arrange meeting. And I'm still waiting for him to send back my passport form!
  • Hi All, I haven't long joined this site, but can see that I am going to get totally hooked, I've loved reading up on all your news. I'm getting married on December 30th this year and am just starting to get to that panicky stage where I feel that I have so much to do and so little time. Its all very exciting at the same time though and I just need to remind myself now and again to take a chill pill and enjoy every moment of it all.

  • Add me to the list I am on the 31 Dec 06!!

    I see there are alsreadt two other brides registered that are on the same date so we will have to be moral support for each other.

    Where are the other NYE brides getting married - I am in Surrey, Cain Manor.

  • you can add me to the list...... i am Deborah

    wedding on the 23rd dec 06,

  • Bex02, I'm also 2nd Dec and also having a church ceremony... we've nearly chosen our hymns and readings.

    Readings are a poem called 'The Promise' by Eileen Rafter which we both liked and also it's got 'snow' in it so we thought it was wintery!! There's another one from Ecclesiastes but we still have to find a Gospel reading.

    Hymns: The last one will definitely be Jerusalem - we both love it! There's loads of other hymns we liked but we've had trouble deciding on one - at the moment we think it's going to be 'Love Divine, All Loves Excelling'.

    Completely undecided though on music to walk in to/sign the register/walk out of the church to - Any ideas anyone? I like Canon D Pachelbel, but have been told it might be a bit solemn to walk in to? What do you all think?

  • Canon in D is very popular for weddings and won't be sombre, it's lovely!!! We're having a harpist and we're still undecided on the music, yesterday H2B suggested the theme from the Godfather to walk in to!!!!......hmmmm

    'Love Divine..' is a lovely hymn

    Let us know what music you go for! I need some inpiration too!!

  • Nice one fairytale06!!!!!! Love the list :\)

    Victoria8 I am walking down the aisle to Cannon in D. I got a free wedding music cd with a wedding mag ages ago, and the version it has on it is lovely (not too slow). For signing the register we are having "The power of love" by Frankie goes to hollywood, and to walk out of church we are having "All you need is love" by the beatles. We cant decide on one hymn. We are def having jeruselam but cant decide on another one, I quite fancy a christmasy one but not sure which??? Not sorted out readings yet either. All these decisions to make...................Still, CAN'T WAIT THO!!!!!!!!!!!! image xx
  • victoria8,i'm also having canon in d! (on the 2nd as you know) to walk into (civil not church). i've heard so many versions, and if you've got live musicians you can have them play it a quick as you like (as long as you're not running down the aisle). i know the exact part of the song when i want to enter - but it's about 1 min 45 secs into the version we have (sad - i have it on my i-pod!) and people may think i'm not turning up if the music is playing for this long!!!!!! but its just after the nice slow bit at the beginning when it gets more dramatic and speeds up a bit! do you think this is too long to have the music on before i enter?

    god - how sad am i??? is this going too far having my wedding music on my i-pod and planning when in the song to come in??? i love to listen to it tho, and it gets me all in the wedding mood. it's h2b's favourite classical music and he reckons he will cry when he sees me walking in to it. that will then just make me cry and i just hope i can speak when it comes to it! i am getting SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

    nat x
  • Hi

    Add me in, im december 10th. Im yet to be excited though, in fact slightly bored of the whole thing! Maybe I will be excited when my dress arrives in October. xx
  • eralceralc Posts: 95
    Fairytale, I wanted at least one 'christmassy' hymn as well, though not one of the 'shepherds watched their flocks at night' variety which is everything about the christmas story and nothing about weddings. I think 'Joy to the World' really hits the spot! It's got a fanastic tune, great words, and makes everyone feel... well.. joyful! Which is just what hymns at weddings should be! :\)

  • Hurruh I am on the list!

    First time I have ever been cool!


  • Hey Nat1, you are not sad, I am exactly the same as you image I have timed to the exact second for where i want to walk in (Also having Cannon in D). I think in the version i have its about 1 min 50 or something. I thought it would be a long time to wait so am getting my 5 bridesmaides to walk down aisle before me, that way i shall be able to walk in at the exact right moment! I too have it on my ipod!!!!!!!!! The bit i want to walk in (my fav bit) is prob what you would call the chorus, sounds like the same bit you like. God what are we like!!!!!! I also thought that if the bridesmaides walk down first, it gives them their moment of glory and keeps everyone in suspense for just that little bit longer image xx
  • Hi girls!

    I am also the 16th Dec!

    Do not post very much on here as I have only got access at work!

    Hope everyones plans are going well! xxx
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