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Hi, are you the same Sarah B that went to the Residence for your honeymoon? If you did could you possibly give me the low down, as we are considering going there next sept for our honeymoon - thanks!


  • Hi, yes it was me who went to The Residence. It was wonderful there. The hotel is gorgeous and the staff fantastic. We were fortunate enough to be upgraded to a Colonial Suite that was massive! The food is great- fine dining all the way! There is a lovely pianist and singer in the main restaurant and bar each evening. Then in The Plantation restaurant they have a couple of shows each week. The beach is beautiful white sand and spotless. Only single row of sunbeds along the beach as the hotel is quite small (about 150 rooms) and exclusive. The spa is lovely too. Really recommend it. We stayed for 10 days after a week in South Africa and that was just right for us. Take care and hope that helps xxx
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    Thanks Sarah! Sounds fab- what was the weather like, was it hot? We are also planning on a safari in africa - can't decide between sth africa and tanzania at the moment - where did you go and who did you book through? Also how many days was your safari, we've heard 5 is about right or you get exhausted!Sorry for all the questions, hopefully you won't mind still talking about it all the time - i'll listen!!x
  • Hi, the weather in Mauritius at the end of Sept is lovely. It is their driest time but not the hottest and not humid which is great. The East Coast has a lovely breeze. We went on safari at Shamwari near Port Elizabeth in South Africa for 2 nights- it is one of the best game reserves there is but mega expensive. Tanzania is meant to be good and less money. We booked it all through Trailfinders and they were superb. They do special honeymoon deals at The Residence. Good luck babe xxxx
  • Hi Sarah B,

    We were looking at going to the Residence Hotel. How did you manage to be upgraded to a Colonial Suite? It does look lovely there. We are planning to go in May 2008.
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