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16th December girls-how are you getting on???

Hi Girls,

How are your preparations going?

We are doing everything in double quick time as my H2B divorce only came through last friday!!

Fortunately we are getting married in Mauritius so preparations not too bad!

How are you all getting on!!???

Mel xxx


  • Hi Mel,

    That must be such a relief! Good luck with your plans - you can get really excited now, yay!

    We're quite organised in some areas and totally not in others. We've only just sent out all the invitations so are starting to receive RSVPs. We still haven't finalised menus or anything. I had my make-up trial today (a lovely, lovely make-up artist called Susie Edwards who did exctaly what I was hoping for); have my first dress-fitting next week.

    STILL trying to find something warm for my little bridesmaid...

    Good luck and have lots of fun during the final few weeks!

    E xx
  • Hi Eden,

    You sound very organised!

    Enjoy the run up & keep in touch!!

    Mel xxx
  • Wow, I don't feel it! My Mum keeps hassling me about people I have to call and I keep forgetting! I was meant to meet the lady who does flowers in the church last week and totally forgot - oops!

    Hope your plans are going well. How exciting to be going to Mauritius! When do you fly out?

    E xx
  • Hi Eden,

    We fly out on the 8th December so not long to go now!!

    Am feeling quite lucky with the way things are working for our honeymoon.

    We had already booked to got to New York after Xmas so we have got 2 honeymoons!

    Take care & keep in touch!

    Mel xx

  • 47 days to go! Woo!

    I'm sorted apart from our guest list which is proving to be really stressful. Both my fiance and I have big extended families abroad who are really messing us around. Friends have been fantastic and have all sent their RSVPs back, but the families are just umming and arring about whether they'll come over or not. I would have thought that if you have to book a flight to come over to England that you would have had to book it by now to avoid the crazy pre-Christmas prices. And not forgetting they need to book local accomodation too... They have had 6 weeks and it's getting silly. We even had an aunt and uncle say they can't make it and then we found out through another family member that they have given their invites to their two sons (who were not even invited in the first place and they didn't ask us first!). Anyway, I think it's all about the deep breathing and counting to ten at the moment!

    We are finalising our menu this Saturday and have to have a pretty good idea of numbers so that's why this week is starting to get to me I think. Both mums (mine and his) are also driving me mad because they can't decide what to wear and keep saying they don't want to "embarrass" us, which is just ridiculous. Everyone should just wear what they feel comfortable in. I've had my mum calling me from Harvey Nicholls in tears because the only dress she had found all day that was a candidate costed more than my wedding dress and she felt sick to spend that much money on an outfit for one day. I had to talk her out of putting herself into debt and tell her to go home and stop looking for a week or so before she goes mad!

    I've had my first dress fitting, which was great. Just have to buy a necklace and my outfit is complete. Had a MAC make-over consultation thingie which was excellent and I would really recommend it. The make up artist advised me on exactly what products to use and we did a test run. Then I spent far too much money buying my kit for the day! It might have been cheaper to get a make-up artist on the day! ...Well maybe not actually!

    My hair trial has been done too - I found the nicest and most willing to please hairdresser in the world. She is so lovely and about my age too so we get on really well.

    Making a start on the table names this week. I just know that once I get to the 3-4 week mark I'll be too busy to put the time I want to in to table decorations so I'm doing it now while things are fairly quiet. Need to sort out Christmas presents too. And honeymoon checklist!

    Honestly, it's like a military operation!

    Last thing - we watched Confetti on DVD last night and there are some pretty amusing bits in it when one of the bride to be's sister and mother get involved in the planning of the wedding and just... well, it's funny and anyone planning a wedding should see it because it just helps you to laugh at the things you might be going through! Even H2B laughed!!!
  • Hi Mel and Laura and other 16th December brides,

    Thought I would pull this up again to see how you're all getting on! Good luck!!!!!!!

    Did you decide on your table names Laura?

    I have a meeting with the venue tomorrow, still need to finalise musicians, print order of service booklets and buy some thank you presents. But I feel eerily calm. Apart from the fact that I have less than 3 weeks to get into shape - argh! Have decided to detox - it was my hen night this weekend so I am full of rubbish! It was worth it though - had a brilliant time.

    Love E xx
  • Hi Eden & Laura,

    You both sound so organised!!!

    Have had my hair & make-up trial -taken lots of photos so I know exactly what I want!!

    Tickets have arrived & its my last full work at week this week.

    We travel down to Heathrow next thursday & fly on friday-its come round sooo quick!!!

    I have to admit that the nerves have really kicked in now-its my first marriage-keith's second & he has really taken it all in his stride!

    Good luck to you both I hope we can swop some good stories about our day !!!


    Mel xxxxxxxxx
  • Hello! I had my Hen do this weekend too! It was really funny. I can't believe how much I had to drink - I wasn't even sick!! The room was spinning when I got home and lay down though!

    Things are going well. I have to say that panic has started to set in though. There are so many little things left to do like the table decorations! I knew I shouldn't have put it off so much and now I REALLY need to get on and do everything. We are having photos of ourselves in various different cities around the world and naming each table after the city... well, that is if I ever get around to sorting it out otherwise it'll just be numbers!

    Favours are pretty much sorted. I need to have a final meeting with the florist in the next week or so. The seating plan is done (after 4 or 5 different attempts!) and that is definitely the biggest weight off my mind. My final dress fitting is tomorrow (gulp!). Having a facial on Saturday just to pamper myself a bit.

    What I also really need to do is sort out Xmas presents for my parents. I have no idea what to get them but I know that I don't have much money as we have just paid the venue all of the money for the big day up front so we are officially skint!

    Feeling slightly on the edge, but I'm still REALLY looking forward to it. Me and H2B seem to be getting closer the nearer we get to the big day too. I think that we have underestimated how fantastic it will feel to actually be married. I think we just thought that it wouldn't feel much different. Obviously we wanted to get married to confirm our love for each other and pledge our lives to each other, but it really is so much more than that.

    Hope everyone else's plans are coming together. Only 17 days to go!!!!!!!!!!
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