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Mother in Law won't come!

I can't believe this...but my fiance's mum is not coming to our wedding. I guess I am venting and am wondering if anyone can offer advice. Here is the "short" story...

We are having our wedding in California. My mother-in law lives in Philadelphia, PA.

She came out to visit in June and had a horrible flight back home. She is 68 and suffers from arthritis in her knees and ulcers that come from a poor diet when she travels / and taking too much arthritis medication. She does not use wheelchairs and just a cane. We planned this wedding for December because we felt that it would get harder for her to come if we waited too long. She was not able to get a second opinion from her doctor because her primary doctor moved until yeterday. My fiance is devastated and we talked last week about the reason why she couldn't come and what to do. My fiance and I agreed that if he would make two round trips to escort her and do absolutely all of the labor...she would be able to make it even if he had to wheel her around. The next day after we gave her this offer she fell. My fiances sister slipped that information in a quick phone message that was about renting the tuxedo's. She called us yesterday and left a message that her doctor said that travelling was impossible, she had to get crotisone shots and have knee surgery next week. Ironically, my own mum suffers from the same arthritic condition and is getting surgery next week. My mum couldn't get this surgery unitl she lost weight. Something my fiance's mother has not done. I don't know what to think..but my fiances only has 5 members in his family and his dad died years ago.

Any advice from people who have maybe encountered this problem? Do you think we are being lied to by his mother?


  • bex02bex02 Posts: 99
    I'm so sorry to hear that. Did the doctor say how long she would be unfit to travel? Is there anyway she may recover in time?

    Do you think she is scared to travel after her last experience? Is there anyway you could check whether she is having the surgery?

    Sorry that I haven't been much help, but I really hope you can resolve this quickly.
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