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Dessy Bridesmaid Dresses

Has anyone bought these before or heard good things? Prices by the stockists are saying £180. Would love to have a recommendation as I have heard mixed views about the quality of the dresses. Thankyou xx:\)


  • I'm a bride in June but also a bridemaid in August for my best friend & we have ordered Dessy bridemaid dresses for her wedding. I think they look fab & very reasonably priced. I know they're quite a new company so thats why a lot of people haven't heard of them
  • I hadn't heard anything bad..I've ordered a Dessy dress for my BM, wedding June, all the dresses she tried on were fab. Good choice of styles and colours to suit any scheme!
  • Oh and it was £146
  • I am getting Dessy/Alfred Sung dresses for my bridesmaids. Lots of choice of styles and colours. I dont think they are worth the £180 you will pay in the UK though, I googled 'Dessy Bridesmaid' and came up with 3 suppliers in the states.
    Have telephoned them, great customer service from all 3 AND the prices are about 1/3 less AND that is in DOLLARS, ie Dress 2058 which was £170 at the salon here was only $139 in the US, shipping was about £60 for three express delivery, so half the price all in all!
    Good luck! HTH
  • I have bought Dessy dresses for my bridesmaids, I paid 170 pound each for them and they are gorgeous, the only thing I will say is that they are extremely big fittings, we ordered a size 4 & a size 6 and the girls are really a size 10 & 12, still have to get them altered which is costing 95 quid!!!! Worth every penny though!!!

    these are mine - ordered them in the chocolate brown, which when it has arrived has the most amazing gold/bronze sheen to it - fits into my colour theme perfectly, couldn't get a sample of the colour before ordering so was really pleased!
  • I am just about to order so interested that you say they are really big, one of the girls is tiny a size 6/8 UK and only 5', do you think we should order smaller? I was going by the measurements they gave on the website for the sizes.
  • PinkPixie,

    The sizes are really on the large side, however if you are going off the measurements on their website you should be okay. But as I say, my to bm's are sizes 10 and 12 and we ordered Dessy sizes 4 & 6 and they are hanging off them! Don't know how small they actualy go to.

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    Hi Girls

    Just to let you know my dessy dresses are fab - they ar also in chocolate brown.

    They do come in a size 2 - one of my bridesmaids is a skinny minny size 8 and her dessy dress is a size 2 - if you go to a shop they will messure you and order the correct size - we didn't know the sizes of the dresses until they came.

    Leah x
  • mine were dessy - loved them .. really contemporary.

    mine were in platinum - check out :

    mine were £155
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    These are mine (in the colour shown) and I absolutely love them! They were £212 each which was a bit over my budget but I suppose if you shop around you might get cheaper!

    They havent arrived yet but the fabric of the sample my BM's tried on was so shimmery and soft and just perfect!


    P.S. I really liked Shoelady's dresses above but BM's werent too keen on tea-length so settled for the longer ones.

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  • I am also considering a dessy bridesmaid dress for my BM as its the only company I've seen so far that offer anything other than the usual strapless/satin look! I'm also impressed with the colours as I'm having a winter wedding and want something very vibrant.
  • These are mine only we're having midnight blue. Miraculously the colour and style suited 5 bms all different colouring, shapes and sizes so I'm chuffed to bits. I ordered them in the states and they came in at about £80 each:

    (they're now altered, pressed and hanging up in my wardrobe ready for this saturday - eeeeeeeeeeeeek!)
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    I've just ordered my bridesmaid's Dessy dress. There were so many choices & a lot of possibilities. Have to say like wedding dresses many of them do not have hanger appeal but are stunning when on so advice is to try on a real mix.

    First went to shop in Feb and was quoted £175 for the dress but due to their popularity Dessy have put their prices up so now it is £195-luckily as we has a written quote we paid the original £175.

    Can't wait to see it in our chosen colour! Txx
  • 2049 are £155 at! £212 is a bit steep - eek! One of my bridesmaids lives in Lincoln and the shop there had 6248 (my dresses!) at £315! Even down here they were only £225! I paid £130 through Reptonia in the end.
  • I also fell in love with the Dessy dresses and was very impressed by the colour selection (Im having 4 bridesmaids so variation is important!). Found a great stockist in the states where I could source the dresses for well under the prices quoted in the UK. Went to view the dresses at a local wedding shop and I was really unimpressed by their standards. The stitching was all over the place and the fabrics were quite cheap looking. Having read the other reviews here I am now in two minds. Have any of you come to the same conclusions as me? Am now scouring the high street for fifties inspired dresses (my own dress is from Candy Anthony - Yayeee!). Any hot tips on where to look ladies?! The budget is clearly minimal due to the number of b-maids!
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    I do some modelling for a bridal shop & we modelled the dessy dresses they are lovely & very comfortable they just float with you. They are big sizing thou so be careful.
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    i am having dessy dresses, my bridemaids just fell in love with them but am getting them from local bride shop so can keep a close eye on all the alterations etc and got to have a really close look at them, would be too scared to order them from the states! we got a %10 discount as have 5 bridemaids so i was really pleased. having a gorgeous silver colour with hot pink accessories, i tried the dress on this morning to show my mum and quite fancy wearing it myself actually!! xxx
  • A few people have mentioned buying Dessy dresses from the US. Does anyone have any contact details for a US supplier?

    Many thanks x
  • Anyone ordered Dessy dresses from the States and had a problem?

  • I really want to order four DESSY bridesmaid dresses from an internet site in the USA. I have been told the shipping cost is $99.98 on top of the cost of the dresses. This is still a bargain in comparison to the prices over here.

    Can anyone tell me if I would also have to pay any other costs such as import tax/ customs duty / excise duty / import VAT? If so, does anyone know who I would contact to see how much this cost would be.

    I'd really appreciate any advice.

    Many thanks.
  • Hi

    I have found some dessy bridesmaids dresses which my bridesmaids all love. They are £180 from the shop in the UK but I have found an American site which sell thems for about £88 plus shipping. The website is perfect - has anyone used this company before? Or can anyone recommend other US stockists they have used?

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    My BMs are wearing dessy. Got the dresses for £150 (full length bella satin with organza overlay on skirt). They got first fitting recently and thought the dresses are gorgeous. I'm getting straps added. They are gorgeous- would recommend x
  • hello i was reading you article and im interested in the dessy dresses only problem is i rang around nottingham derby leicester they dont stock mine so im thinking of the U.S how do i get in contact with them.

  • hello i was reading you article and im interested in the dessy dresses only problem is i rang around nottingham derby leicester they dont stock mine so im thinking of the U.S how do i get in contact with them.

  • Hi,

    I have just managed to get a quote for dessy dress 2845 for £112 each!! thought i would share because this is the cheapest price in comparison to others.

    im just waiting back on my bridesmaids to confirm that they are ok with this price because they have all agreed to pay for their own dresses. fingers crossed!!
  • Hi,

    I was just wondering where you found the quote for £112, thanks!
  • My friend brought dessy bridesmaids dresses from the U.S and they were fab! I get married next year and will be using the same website as they were good quality and cheaper!ive been quoted £170-180 each but on this website its about £100, only one of her dresses needed alterations!the website was they also do other designers like lela rose etc... hope this helps! image
  • hi guy iam sorry to tell you that i have not hear or purchase a dress from this shop but i know a better wedding dress online which my sister bought one for her wedding ,we all think it is you can try it.the address is
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