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16 August 2007

Hiya ladies - I'm new to these boards. Just wondered if anybody else is getting married on 16 August? Tis a Thursday so suppose there won't be many (if any)!

Anybody got any got ideas for honeymoon places to go??? xx


  • Hiya,

    i am getting married on 16th august too! I posted on here about that date a whlle ago and you're right - dont think its a popular date ha ha!

    We are going to the maldives for our honey moon. Although its not the best time to go i am assured it will be fine. We really wanted to go there and since we are teachers we dont have choice about the dates of our holidays unfortunately!

    So how are your plans coming along?
  • Hiya Louise - It's strange to think that it's just over seven months away! I'm really anal and have most things planned and bought, just need to order my bridesmaids dresses. We were originally going to get married in Italy so I bought an ivory bridesmaid dress that I was going to get altered to be my wedding dress, but as the guest list grew so did our plans! So now we're getting married over here, I've had to get a new dress. We've got three bridesmaids and were thinking two in baby pink and the chief bridesmaid could wear the ivory one with a pink shrug - what do you think??? Honeymoon - think we've decided to do a mini tour of the US and a week in Hawaii. Going to book it ourselves and we didn't get much joy from the travel agents! God I can waffle! How are your plans coming along?? xx
  • Hi,

    you do sound well organised.

    I am going shopping with bridemaids a week next saturday hopefully. Your idea for the chief to be in ivory sounds lovely.

    We have just booked our honwy moon to the maldives and then read on here that there is building work on the island so we have got to sort that out!

    So far i have got my dress, photographer, videographer, cake, flowers, make-up, nails, hair, venue, and invitations sorted. There are no need for cars, i know what favours i am having so its just getting certain things nearer to the time.

    Rings is also the next big job to do. had a quick look today buit am planning to go to the jewellery quater in birimingham.

    Where are you getting married? You had any big dilemmas yet?
  • Hiya - I'm getting married at Statham Lodge in Lymm, Cheshire. We've been lucky that people are helping with stuff - my dad bought the favours (wine glasses with our names and wedding date engraved), aunty making the invites, niece is doing our hair. No major dilemma yet, it'll probably happen on the day! Although we did fall out with mother-in-law 2b for a short time on the choice of bridesmaids...... Where are you getting married? What's your theme? xx
  • Hi again,

    we are getting married at Somerford hall in Brewood, staffs. Colour scheme is brown (bridesmaid dresses, suits and invites all brown) but we are also having a bit of a vegas influence with 3 casino tables for entertainment and our tables for wedding breakfast are going to be named after the hotels!

    Like you we ahve got a bit of help; MIL2B is doing cake and thankyou cards and one of my bridemaids is doing nails. One Brides mnaid is organising pampering hen night and the other one is doing the night out!

    Keep getting really excited now as it is THIS YEAR!!

    I want to start getting more things but everyone says to leave it for a while now! I just want everything done!

    How old are you and your fiance? How long have you been together and engaged?
  • Well I'm 36 and my h2b is 35, we have a little boy who's 3. Been together 6 years and will have been engaged 2 years when we get married. I can't wait. It is nerve racking thinking "oh my god it's this year!" haha. Our theme is pink and ivory. I love your vegas theme! How fantastic, wish I was that imaginative. Were the tables expensive to hire? Hopefully will have ordered my bridesmaids dresses by this time next week then nothing else to do but sort out honeymoon and panic! How old are you and your fiance and how long have you been engaged?
  • Hi,

    I am 27 (will be 28 when we marry)and Andy is 33. We met at work but were both in relationships. We both split up with our partners and although hadnt really had much to do with eachother as work in different departments i decided he was a really nice bloke and the type i should be with!! So i organised a staff night out and the rest is history. however that was only in sep 05! Got engaged in aug 06 so some people would think it was fairly quick but we dont think so.

    Now planned to go for bridesmaids dresses this saturday so looking forwsrd to that. they have trie some on before so we know what we are looking for.

    Casino tables were £500 for 3 hours with professional croupiers that will teach you what to do and fun money! Cant wait to relive vegas and play some roulette!

    Are you doing anything out of the ordinary at your ceremony or celebrations? there are so many choices but it all adds up doesnt it!

    Just about to order some ribbon! What a silly thing to spend so much money on! Are you having favours?
  • Hiya - how lovely a work romance! Mine was too. And don't worry whatever anyone thinks about how long you've been together - you and Andy are the only people that know how you feel and that's all that matters. I knew I was in love before Paul and I started going out (knew him for about 2 years beforehand). Nothing unusual at my wedding, although I do like the casino idea! There's a room called the roulette room adjoining the room for our evening function which could make it appropriate and we're doing Las Vegas as part of honeymoon tour. Vegas is decadent but it's fab isn't it?! My dad is Hungarian and the trend over there is for wine glasses with names and wedding date engraved on them, so that's what we're having. I'm filling the glasses with pink and ivory heart chocolates and a feather in each glass (the feather is in memory of Paul's best friend who would have been best man). Trying to keep the pink to a minimum as I don't want anyone comparing it with Jordan's! We're having candelabre filled with flowers as the centrepieces on the tables, string quartet for ceremony and drinks, band and dj for night. Are you having a big wedding?
  • oh wow your plans sound lovely and i am sure jordan would not be in anyones mind!

    I couldnt believe how much i loved vegas when we went!

    We are inviting approx 70 people to the ceremony and an extra 40 to the evening so maybe a medium sized wedding!! We are paying for it ourselves so am glad that i can feel comfortable having what i want and not worry that it will be too expensive. We are pretty much having it the way we want it but within reason.

    What about you? where are you going on honeymoon then?
  • Yep we're paying for it ourselves to - started with a budget of £8k but it's nearly doubled that! We've got 70 in the day and about 180 at night. Guess that figure will drop once the invites go out though. At the weekend we decided we're going to honeymoon in New York, Las Vegas, Yosemite, San Francisco and then a week in Hawaii. Bit of a whirlwind tour but my other half hasn't been before and wants to see all the sights! Are you doing 2 weeks in the Maldives? It looks a fantastic place in all the brochures. So what are you having for your favours? I can't believe some of the prices for these things, it's crazy. Mention the word wedding to anyone and the price doubles immediately!
  • Mention the wedding word and the price triples i think!!

    We are having 2 weeks in maldives and a night in dubai on the way home, really looking forward to it - a beach chill out in the sun is just what i love. We went to New York in the summer too and it was great but a bit like hard work sometimes ! |Have you been before? if not get a guide book and research as much as possible so you know where you want to go etc. We also wanted to go to hawaii but couldnt fit it all in - it looks fab!

    For our favours we (I) am just doing cream boxes with thorntons chocolate tied with brown ribbon. Everyone i know loves thorntons so that will hopefully be a winner!

    So what is your dress like? Are you doing veil and tiara& accessories etc? What are you old, new . borrowed and blue?
  • My dress is quite plain, I don't like things too fussy. It's a column dress (need to lose weight!). Have got a 54" veil with swarovski crystals and a tiara. Not thought about the old, borrowed, blue, new thing yet. Guess the old could be me! How about you? x
  • Hi again! I am soo tired- what a day at work!!

    My dress is plain too although its go a bigger train than i orginally wanted so going to get as much chopped off as poss. Its sort of a goldish colour so that makes up for lack of detail. I am not having a veil as i felt really uncomfortable with them. not having a tiara as everyone i tried on i hated and felt an idiot!! instead there is supposed to be a flower on the side of my dress which i am having put on a clip in my hair instead. Instead i am treating myself to pearl jewellery which i am having made ( bracelet and earrings) which is mroe than i would ahve spent otherwise but i will ear it again hopefully. Old and Blue is going to be my moms garter, new my dress etc and then i have a belgain lace hankie (unused) from my nan which i will have to wash a give back so it can be my borrowed ha ha.

    Are you seriously trying to lose wieght or is it just a bit? i want to lose a bit and tone my bingo wngs!! We have just joined gym. Been twice so far!
  • Wow, you're dress and accessories sound lovely. Yep I want to lose 2 stone by August! I've joined the gym and weightwatchers. I know they can alter the dress two sizes down so I reckon I'll be safe. And don't talk to me about bingo wings.........image
  • Hi,

    hows the dieting going? We have been to the gym tonight!!! Just got to resist the wone now.

    Invites and bridemaids jewellery arrived today. Really pleased with all of it and quite a bargain too!

    Any developments in your planning? I just cant stop myself doing something every day.
  • Diet going ok - only really started a week ago! I'm laying off things wedding wise for a while. Have most things done, I go in bursts where I'm manically trying to get everything done then I leave it a week or so and then I get back on the wedding bandwagon! Only problem is doing this, I keep changing my mind on things. I originally ordered a three tier chocolate cake and now I keep thinking whether to change it to a layer of carrot cake as well?!!! Sounds like you know what you want though, so hopefully you won't have my problem!!!
  • Hi,

    hows things? Hope the diet is going well i have been trying to cut down but have only been to the gym three times! Have got so much work its difficult to go.

    Have you ordered your bridesmaids dresses? We went to look on saturday but had no joy. Going again this saturday to a different shop so fingers crossed. You still having your cake dilemma?
  • Hi Louise, wow how things change in the space of a couple of weeks! We booked our honeymoon today and despite thinking we were off to the US and Hawaii, we ended up booking the Maldives! It was much cheaper. We're staying at the Kurumba, can't wait. Have now ordered my bridesmaids dresses from House of Brides. It's a US site but the exchange rate is brill at the mo so I've got two gorgeous dresses and a ring cushion for £170. I'm well chuffed! Think we're sticking with a chocolate cake now. Have also sent off for samples of table diamonds (not real ones!), so I'm almost done (but I do keep changing my mind!). How's all your plans going? Where in the Maldives were you going? I'm getting really excited now we've booked our honeymoon. Hope you're plans are all going well - let me know where you're up to with them. xx
  • Hi,

    glad to hear your plans are going well and well done on your bargains!

    I have also ordered by bridesmaids dresses now (forever yours) which were not as much as the dessy ones we had originally liked (but then changed our mind when we saw them at the wedding show). Sent my dress swatch off to the jewellery designer so she can match up my jewelery which is exciting. I have got the BMs jewellery so its just shoes to go really. Wew also went to look at rings on saturday and have decided on what we want just got to go back and order. Wired though, there was a difference of £550 for Andy's ring!! Cant understand why it was so much.

    Things not as good on the honeymoon front- cant remember if i told you but I found out on here that there is building work where we are going. I have been reading reviews and looking at the brouchure but now cant decide where to go instead - its driving me mad. How did you decide? I am starting to feel a bit panicky and very excitied now 199 days to go!!!!
  • Wow you're having your jewellery designed? Bet that's expensive! You sound as if you're really organised and ready for the day now. I've been to the gym nearly every day and am still doing weightwatchers. I've lost 8lb since beginning of January, yippeee!!! It's a real shame about the building work at the hotel you wanted to go to, you haven't booked it have you? We phoned Trailfinders up and they came up with a few places, we choose the Kurumba as it was 4*+, fairly large resort with lots of restaurants and life. It's not such a secluded island as some of the others are, it's only 15 mins on speedboat to the airport! But we like the idea of having lots to do or just staying enjoying the views from our beach villa. We got a really good price on half board in a deluxe beach villa (there's a honeymoon offer on at the mo), there's loads of freebies for honeymooners too. We were tempted to go for the Residence Hotel in Mauritius, it's 5*,own butler (think that would freak me out a bit though), and looks absolutely gorgeous - it's a similar price but the weather swayed us to choose the Maldives. If you're not watching the costs I believe the Banyan Tree in the Maldives is in a class of its own. Hope you find the perfect place for your honeymoon soon! x
  • Hi,

    Unfortunately we are watching the money for the honeymoon so lets just say we wont be going to the hilton!! We are paying for everythign ourselves ( which is the way i like it) but it does mean we cant go wild. Saying that i think we are going to ask for money instead of gifts so a last minute upgrade or some treats could be a possibilty.

    My jewellery isnt actuallly mega money but wouldnt have slashed out if i was having veil and tiara etc. Convinced myself that i will also wear it again so its not too extravagant.

    Well done on losing weight. We wne tot he gym last night but didnt enjoy it and feelin like i am getting nowhere. Might have a few personal training sessions to get back into it and give me a bit more motivation.

    Keep me up to date with how things are going, i am off to do more honeymoon research!! xx
  • Hiya - we're paying for all our stuff too, so I know about watching the pennies! Our wedding rings were bought from Goldsmiths using tesco vouchers so didn't cost us a penny! They are lovely though. Keep up with the gym hon, if I can do it anyone can. If you're still struggling on honeymoon phone Trailfinders they were brilliant with us. Without being crude, we have paid just under £3k in total for 10 nights half board in a deluxe beach villa in the Maldives and the hotel is 4*+. The Mauritius 5* one was just over £3k for half board. Book into the Kurumba and we can have drinks one night! Seriously though, phone Trailfinders and I bet they'll be able to find what you're looking for within your budget. Speak soon - we better start a new thread this is two pages now!!! xx
  • Hiya, wow, you got a bargain!! I have phoned trailfinders befroe when we went to the US and they couldnt have been less helpful!!

    the only problem is that we have alredy payed deposit with Kuoni. i suppose its not a lot compared to the rest of the honeymoon but i was thinking that it would just be easier to go somewhere else with them. We will see!

    Speak soon x
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