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Christmas Wedding 09

Hello all,

I am planning on getting married in Dec 09 as I would love a Chritsmas wedding - we are just trying to decide whether to have it in the UK or abroad (where there might be snow!!) image

The only problem is that I would not be able to go very far, like Lapland, as I really want my grandparents to be there and they will not fly too far away!

This is all new to me, so any advice anyone can give me would be great - or just to hear some of your stories xx


  • Hi

    Could your grandparents travel to Austria - you could use a ski village...v choc...snow....???

    good luck with planning - i am getting married thi dec 13th in Uk s o hope of snow but totally undersand the romance of the idea!!


  • mojo555mojo555 Posts: 388
    Hi Loz55

    Im a December 09 bride! We are getting married in Canada, Banff! I know what you mean about grandparents.

    We are having a big party when we get back so all the family and grandparents can come plus you get to wear your beautiful dress again, yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    If you wanted snow there are companies now that you can hire the equipment to give a snow scene they look really cool

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