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Wonder If Any Of Us Will Meet At The Airport

Hi just wondered - wouldn't it be great if some of us were at the same airport leaving for honeymoon on the same day!!

We are flying to Cuba from Manchester Airport on 9th May - Yippee image


  • brentuk1brentuk1 Posts: 3,071
    Hi lele,

    no sorry we are staying in the uk

    but have a wonderful time in Cuba


  • chagalinchagalin Posts: 616
    I wont meet you lele. We're Monday 28th May, B'ham to barcelona x
  • were flying from east midlands to mexico 3rd july
  • burcaffburcaff Posts: 386
    Bummer LELE - we are flying to Cuba from Manchester on the 10th May...........
  • burcaffburcaff Posts: 386
    Bummer LELE we are flying from Manchester Airport to Cuba on 10th May.............

    so unless you are delayed .........oh no...lets not even go there !!!!

    Emma Xxx
  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    We're flying from Manchester to Santorini on the 15th May.
  • emma_avfcemma_avfc Posts: 192
    We are flying from Manchester to Cuba on Thurs 31 May.
  • We are flying on the 19th of May to cyprus to get married
  • We flying to Hong Kong on 23rd May from Heathrow... have fab time ladies roll on the honeymoons for a bit of relaxation and fun!!! ximage

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  • I flying to Cuba in the 8th but from Gatwick

  • MoominmummyMoominmummy Posts: 1,621
    I'll be going from Heathrow to Mauritius on 27 May - anybody else??
  • We're getting married on 12th May 2007 and fly to Dubai from Gatwick on 14th May (then off to the Maldives on the 19th)

    OMG i can't wait!!

  • I am getting married on the 26th May and flying to Nice from Heathrow on 28th May. Travelling around Provence, St Tropez and Cannes then on to Monaco to blow what money I have left over!!!

  • I'm getting married on 19th May 07 and flying to Margarita on 24th May from Manchester.
  • We're flying from Manchester on the 14th to the Maldives.

    Debbie F 2 B - have you been to Margarita before? We went a few years ago and loved it.
  • BKW100BKW100 Posts: 47
    Going to mauritius from heathrow via Dubai on weds 23rd May.

    Cuba is fab though.

    Went there for my 28th Birthday and had the best holiday ever, we spent 2 weeks in Varedero and 3 days in havana.

    Take some pens and T shirts for the kids out there and they will love you forever.
  • Happyg22Happyg22 Posts: 872
    Getting married on 12th May and then Flying from Glasgow to Heathrow on 13th May fly out from Heathrow to Miami on 14th May ,Miami to Jamacia on 16th May, Jamacia to New York on 21st May - and then from NYC back to Glasgow via Heathrow on 26th May .

    Leah x
  • Alibongo

    No, we've never been to Margarita before and we're both really looking forward to it.

    We're staying at the Laguna Mar Resort & Casino in Pampatar. We orginally wanted to stay in Dunes Hotel & Beach Resort after a recommendation but it was fully booked up until August.

    Whereabouts did you stay?

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  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,070
    Married on 19th of May and flying from Manchester on 21st to Maldives. Woo! Excited at the thought of heat!!! xx
  • Wedding on the 17th, flying from Heathrow to Australia via Hong Kong - anyone else?

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  • We are flying to Catania, Sicily on the 20th of May from Gatwick. Getting married in Sicily on the 26th, then honeymoon on Salina, a small vulcanic island off the north coast of Sicily. Can't wait!!!
  • Shoegal, looks like I'll just miss you at the airport. Flying 28th May Heathrow to Naples.
  • Hi

    we're getting married on the 11th May and flying from glasgow to heathrow on the 14th May and then from heathrow to the bahamas on the 15th May. we're staying on paradise island for 12 nights. Can't wait!:\)
  • Happyg22Happyg22 Posts: 872
    Hey Laydee

    Looks like i am just missing you Getting Married on 12th May- flying Edinburgh - Heathrow 13th May and Heathrow to Miami on 14th May - so unless your flight from glasgow gets in around 6 in the morning on 14th i doubt we will meet.

    Leah x
  • jleacyjleacy Posts: 69
    Will just miss you, we are flying to mexico 8 May from Manchester, getting married 15th May. Oooh so close now, and my dress has just arrived so it feels more real
  • Debbie F 2 B

    Just to say, that you will have a lovely time at laguna mar, we went there for xmas and new year and decided to get married abroad after going there! it is beautiful - loads of things to do - food is great, beach it lovely - massages on the beach etc.staff so friendly and couldn't do enough for you! we went with first choice and the rep was brill - loads to see on the island too! my family and kids all said we would go definately go back - maybe after the expense of our wedding !!!
  • We are flying from Heathrow on 14th May at 4pm to Mauritius. Lets hope they sort Terminal 5 out LOL image
  • KerrycukKerrycuk Posts: 195
    We're flying from Gatwick on 31st May - going to Orlando for a week and then onto Antigua for a week xxx
  • poptart78ukpoptart78uk Posts: 430
    whoops posted in wrong bit!

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