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Has your dress arrived yet?

Hi girls

I ordered my dress on 1st September and was told at the time that it would take about 12 weeks to come in.... I phoned the shop in the second week of December as I hadn't heard anything from them; they said that it was due in at the start of January and they would give me a call as soon as it arrived. I still haven't heard anything. Should I be panicking yet???? They are a lovely shop and I do trust the women who run it, so it's not this that I'm worried about.

Have your dresses arrived yet? How long did it take???? Feeling paranoid.



  • Hi WP,

    I ordered my dress at the end of Oct and it is due for arrival the 1st week of Feb. Haven't heard anything from them either. Who did you order your dress with?
  • I ordered my dress end of September and it arrived yesterday!!!! I took it at home with me!!!! I love it!!!!!

    Don't panic though, unless if your wedding is really soon!!!!! When do you get married?

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  • kellychamkellycham Posts: 236
    Hi girls

    I'm getting married on 2nd April - 10 weeks on Monday! It's a D'Zage dress that I ordered from a lovely newish boutique in Norwich. I guess that I'm just getting a little jumpy because it all seems so close now...image


  • Hi wannabe princess, I ordered my dress in May and I received a letter in August to say it was ready, but my wedding is 5 days after yours so I don't know whether they took time to send the order as there was a long time to go before the wedding. I would call them again to put your mind at rest, I didn't want to call my bridal shop to arrange my fittings as I thought they would think I'm a nagging bride, but everyone on here advised me that its my wedding and I am paying for the dress and they probably get brides calling them all the time so they are used to it!!

    Ring them and say you are concerned as they told you it would be ready and you've still not heard anything.

    Let us know how it goes
  • OMG!! Reading this thread has really worried me...

    I ordered my Romantica dress on the 8th July and there's still no sign of it!!! I'm getting married in 87 days (20th April) but the lady in the shop doesn't seem worried at all & say's it is due to arrive some time this month, does anyone think this length of time is a bit ridiculous? I mean - how long does it take to make a dress??!!! x
  • I didn't order mine till the end of November, i was told it would be here mid-feb. I would give them a ring WP. Its well over 12 weeks now. I'm sure there's no problem but its worth reminding them you're still waiting!!
  • I ordered mine last March! It is in and altered and I am picking it up on 23rd Feb! Woohoooooo!
  • I have the opposite problem - I ordered my dress mid-November after being told if I didn't order it there and then that I had no hope of getting it in time for my wedding on 20th April. They said it should come in at the end of Feb and that will leave enough time for fittings etc.

    Anyway, got a letter on Friday to say that my dress is in!! I am a bit peeved because they want paying within 5 days but I wasn't expecting it until Feb!
  • Clairebella, they told me my dress would be in in September (last year) but I received a letter early August to say it was in the shop and payment was required immediately ao I called the shop and told them that I had insufficent money to pay for the dress in August as I'd budgetted to have the money for September. Anyway, they were brillant and said it was not a problem so I paid in Septmber.

    I would call them if your short of cash and tell them you will have the money in Feb because thats what they had initially advised you.


    PS sorry for going on, I know this has nothing to do with this topic but when you mentioned that, I had to say something cos it happened to me and I was peeved off!! We're never happy are we?!!!!
  • just been for my first fitting....dear god it was like a tent....apparently my thunder thighs make me a size larger than the rest of me. bless her she has to take so much in at the top she didnt even bother looking at the bottom because the way it hangs will glad it arrived early! going back in 2 weeks for 2nd fitting - hoping it looks more like the dress i remember then! Oh and the lovely ladies in the shop said they were surprised how early the dress had come in so for those of you still waiting i dont think you should be worried, it sounds normal..... x
  • I ordered mine in September and they said 4-6 months (Ronald Joyce). It's not here yet and I really wish it was but it's not Feb/March yet. My bridesmaids dresses are in but not mine!! It's hard to wait!!
  • MrsGG2BMrsGG2B Posts: 103
    my wedding is 20th April & my dress isn't here yet!! I got panicked looking at all your emails so rang them up yesterday. She said it won't arrive until end Feb (which to be fair is what she told me when I booked it) & she usually does a fitting 3-4 weeks before the wedding. That seems terribly close to me, but I'm trusting them..... they're a good shop (Designer Bridal Room in Manchester) so must know what they're doing!! Trouble is my dress is a really fitted fishtail design, so I'm panicking it'll either be too big or small (depending on whether I'm having a fat day or not!). Anyway, I'm sure it will all work out well. I've got to get organised and get the other bits (veil, shoes, underwear.....) - I'm hoping I can sort some of that out today.

  • My dress is in (June wedding) and I'm going to try it on today (v. excited!). Also got a hair trial before hand so hopefully I can then start to get ideas for jewellary & hair accessories once I start to see the look come together. I wouldn't worry about the dresses not being in yet. Perhaps ring the shop for some piece of mind but my shop don't do the first fitting until 6 weeks before the day so there's still plenty of time for you, Wannabe Princess and MrsGG2B.
  • MrsGG2BMrsGG2B Posts: 103
    Thanks Sim! I forgot to say, I did actually go in for a 're-measure' in Oct-ish (ordered it in Aug), so I did get to try it on again then. I spent ages playing around with different veils and tiaras - they had to prise me out of the dress in the end. It's such a shame to have to put your jeans back on again! I'm not too worried about it suprisingly, she was very nice on the phone & I do trust them. More worried about finding jewellery etc. I found a gorgeous neckalce the other day, but it's way too expensive at £320! Boo. (attached a link if it works)

    Anyway, have fun today - it's great trying it on for the second time as you can really have a goo dlook at it & start to work out how it all fits together with hairstyles etc. Enjoy yourself!!
  • Hiya,

    Ordered my dress end Oct 06 got a call on Friday to say it had arrived.

    Then I panicked about not losing enough weight for the fitting blah blah blah.

    I have arranged to go for my first fitting on 22nd Feb which gives me another 4 weeks.

    I reckon I could lose another 7lbs during that time easily......

    The problem is I ordered the dress in 1 size smaller than what I was in October, I was feeling motivated to lose weight having joined a gym and started eating all the right stuff....THEN Chrimbo arrived and I took a few steps back.

    I'm back on track now having lost the Chrimbo excess but have the flu now so can't go to the gym.

    I obsess with the tape measure and being on the larger size or curvy! I'm paranoid it won't fit when I get there. H2B is not supportive saying I will look gorgeous but I'm not really listening - I just keep having visions of a false back being inserted like it was on the fitting oh dear!!!!

    Anyway a work colleague told me about SPANX which is another version of magic knickers which I'm going to use under the dress (don't laugh!!!) and then swap over before the night time so H2B will know no difference (unless he is reading this!!!!)

    Very cunning I thought and they reduce you by a couple of inches and add definition which is something I need.

    Sorry to waffle it was going to be a short post but I got carried away!!!
  • kellychamkellycham Posts: 236

    My dress has arrived. I eventually phoned them on Friday - they said they had left me a voice message on 2nd January to say that my dress is in, but I never got it! Soooo I've been panicking for nothing! Went into the shop yesterday and ordered some shoes too. Booked my first fitting for 13th February. Also sorted my underwear out yesterday. Feels like things are coming together now. Sorry to everyone that I've panicked!


  • lozzyuk1lozzyuk1 Posts: 1,910

    i ordered mine in june and have phoned twice but it`s not in yet and i don`t want to pester them`s my worry of the watching dresses on ebay as a back up lol!!

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