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Engagement ring is gone away!

Im sad! My engagement ring has gone to be resized. H2b designed ring himself and is a little bit 2 big for me & weve been engaged 4 months now but only just getting around 2 giving it back for resizing now. I feel naked without it! image


  • jwhichjwhich Posts: 28
    mine is a bit too small so on my right hand. we've been engaged 3 months now but i am not ready to let it go to be re-sized so i know how you feel!
  • Know exactly how you feel. My ring was originally bought for me over 6 years ago (long story as to why we're only getting married now) but since then I've lost a lot of weight and it's far too big for me.

    It's fallen off my finger more than once, most recently in Sainsbury's the other weekend. So, I popped it in the jeweller's on Saturday to get it resized and will be collecting it this weekend. I have another ring on there at the moment to keep my finger warm!!

    Feels very odd though.
  • I got my engagment ring back on Saturday and it fits like a glove. Not only did they resize it but they also polished it and it looks like new now - I keep on staring at it like a saddo.

    It feels really odd having it fit properly now as I've had a multicoloured plastic ring keeping it on for months prior to getting it resized!

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