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bridesmaid shoes

Hi I am getting married in July 21st and have just signed on to you&yourwedding. Need to find shoes for my bridesmaids who are all different sizes and ages but would like low heals preferably in sliver open toes any suggestions


  • LisukLisuk Posts: 233
    cant help you as we've been looking once (my friend gets married this yr too and thats what shes looking for). All the ones we saw had a very high heel on. You wouldnt think it'd be hard to find silver shoes would you??
  • Hi El1zabeth, try next. I was bridesmaid this year for my friend and she got us silver/bronze kitten heal open-toe sandals from next catalogue. Its worth a try!
  • Hi

    Try they have lots of different shoes and have silver shoes and sandles some starting at just £5.99. Ive got my Bridesmaids shoes from here and they look fab.
  • petahiggspetahiggs Posts: 14
    I have been looking for silver sparkly shoes for my wedding in Australia in April and it's a NIGHTMARE.....have done Oxford Street and new Bond street twice, selfridges several times, harrods, harvey nicks, next (too chunky with the gems), kingston, croydon, sutton, wimbledon etc etc. There is a shop called Ivory on both New Bond and St John's Wood. Perfect shoes, perfect height etc etc, but they are not in until mid April. Doesn't help me, but might help someone else. image
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