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The Belle Epoque, Knutsford


I'm getting married at The Belle Epoque in Knutsford this year. I absolutely love the decor and feel of this venue, but am a bit worried about the size of the rooms. We're planning to invite about 90 guests and was just wondering if anyone has been married there and can give me some insight into how the space worked.

Thanks x


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    Im very anbnoyed as I just typed a big response to this but for some reason its not posted! Grrrrrrr!!
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    Oh, so it decides to post that one then(!) Right, as I was saying:

    Helllooo, I might not be able to help you directly as such but I am having my reception there next year after we get married at Tatton Park- it lovely isnt it? We are having 60 for the breakfast and 100 in total for the evening. We were told that it would work quite well with those numbers, but I believe they are able to accomodate more. What I think they might do is have slightly bigger tables seating 10 rather than 8, and you will probably have the ceremony in the pink rooms downstairs rather than the one off the garden room? I do know somebody who actually had their ceremony there too- but they only had 40 for the breakfast but 120 for the evening do.

    Have you told them what your expected numbers are, they will probably advise what areas are best used for you? x
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