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Hello, I am getting married on 10th Feb... I love the idea of a winter wedding but am a bit worried about there not being enough light for photographs and them all having to be done by flash which apparantly is less flattering than natural light. Our aim is to have the ceremony at 3pm so that we have our reception meal at a 'normal' dinner time but it will probably be dark by the time we get to the reception venue! I'd be interested to hear from other February brides and how you are getting round this one...




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    Hi Hen,

    I'm getting marry in Bath. But My fiance and I are from London. We are having our civil wedding at the Bath registry 12noon. At least it will be a little warmer to take pictures and light. Then our guests will have their free time to visit Bath. While I'm having a tea ceremony with my close relatives. This is bcos of my chinese culture. Then at 7pm, it will be my reception in Roman Bath. We gonna take more pic at the Roman Bath hot spring area. image
  • I was speaking to a photograher about this same thing, although I get married the week before you. However light will still be a prob.

    He suggested immediately after the ceremony at the church or venue. He also suggested that they are some great things to use such as stairwells, fireplaces, flower displays. He also suggested having a few pics taken out side with some lighting rigged up.

    Hope you get on well

    Lou x
  • Hi, I'm a little worried about using a 'non professional' photographer. But I found a possible solution in case things don't turn out quite right. I'll just have the photos enhanced. I've been looking around and found this site

    I don't suppose anyone's heard of them?
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