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outdoor venues for ceremony

I'm hopefully getting married in July next year. I thought I'd found the perfect venue in north Cornwall by the sea, for the ceremony and reception. Both of our families are saying it's too far! I'm really upset and cant find any outdoor venues for the ceremony!!! Anyone know of any places you can get married outside in Northumberland, my partner's from there. Just want to scream and haven't got clue how to keep people happy as well us doing what we want!


  • cjukcjuk Posts: 209
    My partner and I have the same problem as we wanted to get married on the beach, too expensive to do abroad and none of the family will come. :\)We think we have the next best thing, the ceremony in a hotel right next to the beach and the reception at The Watering Hole, which is on the beach. This is in Perranporth north Cornwall.

  • sarakraussarakraus Posts: 342
    Thanks for that caz. we have decided to book a beautiful boutique hotel in the middle of a wooded park instaed, in newcastle! different I know but really gorgeous and romantic. It's Newcastle is where we fell in lve too so will have good vibes! your venue sounds lovely though.
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