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Getting married in April 2007

Hi I am getting married in 269 days and can not wait. I am already panicking about everything. Am hoping to make a final decision on my dress on Wednesday. So far I have organised the venue and ceromony. The Best Man and bridesmaid and thats about it. Is anyone out there in the same position?


  • Mauritius07Mauritius07 Posts: 131

    I get married in 274 days! I am getting married abroad so theres not too much organising for me to do, but i have ordered my wedding dress, tiara and shoes and am getting very excited about it all.


  • kht1468kht1468 Posts: 1,079
    262 days and counting for me....I think we still have plenty of time to sort things out.

    But like you guys we've roughly sorted things - and now just need to go and fine tune it all!

    Kathy x

  • Hello,

    I've just become an April 07 (21st) bride today! We wanted May but couldn't get a registrar and we really wanted our chosen venue.

    We haven't got anything sorted yet! I've chosen my bridesmaids and that's about it but I'm confident everything will be fine - Will be dashing down to the dress shops asap though!

    Jen x
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