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Whats your first dance song??

Hi Ladies,

Just to be nosy, but what is everyones first dance songs??

Mine is Eva Cassidy 'Songbird'. Give me goosebumps everytime I hear it!!!


  • helens0891helens0891 Posts: 208
    We are having Amazed by Lonestar x
  • Natasha1ukNatasha1uk Posts: 163
    We ar e having "chasing cars" Snow Patrol. Was played the whole weekend when we got engaged!


  • mum2lukemum2luke Posts: 15
    we are having always by bon jovi
  • steph7uksteph7uk Posts: 282
    Be mine, David Gray
  • avrilukavriluk Posts: 63
    we're having the way you make me feel by ronan keating. a bit cheesy i know but was playing when we got engaged!!!!


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  • EmmA1981ukEmmA1981uk Posts: 1,065
    were having either snow patrol chasing cars or come what may from moulin rouge followed by you and me song by wannadies xx
  • elle_1811elle_1811 Posts: 279
    We are having 'From this Moment' Shania Twain! now thats cheesy, but lovely words, always been our song! also gonna have AMazed by Lonestar as a second song.
  • Wow! Cheesy stuff! (only joking...weddings are the perfect oppurtunity to indulge our most cheesy fantasies!)

    We're having Call my name by Prince!

    I think it's a bit rude and is really about shagging but I think it will make everyone laugh.

    And me and my H2B are both singer/songwriters ourselves and the chorus goes......

    "I just can't stop writing songs about you I love you so much"

    So it's pretty perfect really. You lot are the first people to know about our first dance music. That's exciting!!! xx
  • MikkibukMikkibuk Posts: 42
    we are having Andy Williams "I can't take my eyes off you":\)
  • Hey Mikkib! That's a great choice as everyone will join in at the I love you baby bit!
  • MikkibukMikkibuk Posts: 42
    yeah thats what we hope anyway!
  • sam6476sam6476 Posts: 193
    Mine is the cheesiest by FAR!!! We are having Phil Colins, Groovy Kind of Love!!! hehehe, i am blushing just telling you all. imageimageimage

    The words mean a lot to us, plus it's a short song - less time for everyone to be staring at us which is a complete bonus!!!

  • Hi all, we are thinking of Louis Armstrong's we have all the time in the world...and then maybe the way you look tonight

  • TxxukTxxuk Posts: 548
    Athlete Streetmap. just sums us up! Txx
  • leonie9481leonie9481 Posts: 103
    We're having 'u give me something' by James Morrison-

    it was playing when we got engaged
  • rfbreenrfbreen Posts: 412
    Eternal Flame by the Bangles. We are both fans of 80's music and it's a childhood favourite. Our second song is Nothing Else Matters by Metallica. H2B is a devoted metal head.
  • We are having Hero by Enrique Inglesius (sp) we are having it in Spanish though as we are to be married in Cuba and they speak spanish there. And the second song will be always and forever by al green x cb x
  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    We're having Better Together by Jack Johnson
  • lauraduffeylauraduffey Posts: 73
    We are having Islands in the Stream by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Can't wait but need to get practicing!
  • avrilukavriluk Posts: 63
    we're having better together as our second song as whenever i hear it i think of my fiance!!
  • LucyVoddenLucyVodden Posts: 35
    We're having Frank Sinatra - the way you look tonight.

    Bit worried about dancing to it as it has a bit of a swing to it! but at least it's quite short.

    We are having a band instead of DJ, so they have said they will learn the song and then slow it down a little! (otherwise i might get swung off the dancefloor!! ????????????)
  • JenniBukJenniBuk Posts: 75
    At Last by Etta James, but our jazz band is performing it live for us. It just gives me the jigglies thinking about it!
  • catrionahcatrionah Posts: 83
    at the moment we like "Moonriver" but not settled yet.....
  • BallstoyouallBallstoyouall Posts: 766
    Ooh, these are some gorgeous songs. We're having God Only Knows by the Beach Boys (the one that's playing at the end of Love Actually). Need suggestions for a second song though - something very upbest and cheesy that will kick-start the dancing. What are yours?
  • I haven't started thinking about the music for the second dance yet.....I spose that's pretty important as that's when everyone else will start dancing!!!!..................................There's so much to do and the days are getting few!!
  • dappytartdappytart Posts: 616
    H2B Suggested 'don't marry her' by the beautiful south!! He WAS joking (I hope!!!) We thought we had chosen but keep changing our minds - we don't really have an 'our song.' We both quite like 'moondance' a the moment but who knows - next week we will probably change our minds again!!
  • butterfly83ukbutterfly83uk Posts: 426
    I think we are having Phil Collins You'll be In My Heart, its 'our song' but its quite long lol dont know if i can slow dance for that long! I also love Westlife Unbreakable though x
  • bigginsukbigginsuk Posts: 22
    we are having dean martin, 'thats amore' , i love it and more importantly its easy to dance too, also , we are having a last dance, roxy music 'avalon' which is so gorgeous and the words so apt, the partys over. also we will be finishing on beatles...'hey jude' it is the best way to finish a wedding.....obviuosly only what i think but its
  • 'We're having You're the one that i want' by the The Beautiful South from the albumn 'Golddiggas, Headnodders & Pholk Songs' . It's a slow version of the grease classic. We were having trouble deciding as lots of songs i liked didn't really have the right words, then i herad this and knew it was perfect. "Our song' is not appropriate for our fast dance, will fit it in somewhere later - 'Me and my monkey' by Robbie Williams

    hadn't thought about the second've got me thinking now!

    i've got to fit in some travis somewhere....but will wont be allowed as much as i'd like and it's not really the sort of music that will get people dancing

  • Abby_ParishAbby_Parish Posts: 46
    We're having Jack Johnson Better together for first dance

    For the 2nd song and last song I have 2 in mind but notsure what order - I want the Blues brothers song that goes 'everybody, needs somebody to love' - not sure what its title is, and stand by me by Ben E King.

    The song that is 'our song' is Mr brightside by The Killers - we're going to have that playing as we walk back down the aisle as man and wife!x
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