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HELP!!!! Need Jenny Packham Papillon in size 16!!!

I'm getting married in 3 and a half weeks and I have a brand new size 14 Papillon, only tried on twice. Since ordering the dress I got pregnant and now have a 9 month old baby, I was convinced the baby weight would drop of like it did with my first child but it hasn't this time.

I tried the dress on yesterday and it won't quite fasten up around my boobs!!!!

Due to the style I really can't see anyway of adjusting the dress at all, I'm crash dieting in the hope I can fit into it but I wondered/hoped/prayed that there is someone in the opposite postion as me and has a size 16 to swap for my size 14!!!!!

Obviously, I've already paid for the dress so can't afford to buy another one!! I've got everything crossed that some lovely lady reading this can help me!!!!!!!

Stacey xx image


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