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August Brides 2B- whats your wedding song?????

Hi ladies,

Well im just sitting here picking through our songs for the wedding and wanted to be nosey and see what your all having.

Think we are having classical music for the ceromony and then just some songs that we like for the meal.

Kel ximage

17 days to goimage

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  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    We haven't decided on all our music yet but have decided on the music for me walking down the aisle.

    Its How Beautiful
  • I'm having the traditional dun dun du dun for me down the aisle played on classical guitar by a family friend, then during signing I'm having snow patrol chasing cars, Goo Goo dolls Iris and metalica nothing else matters (H2B insisted on that one - nice song though) and for walking out Mr Brightside by the Killers as its prob 'Our song'! Obviously I'm not getting married in a church!

    My registra told me about one guy who suggested his bride walk down aisle to 'whats that coming over the hill is it a monster' by the Automatic (I think) - Hmmm perhaps not

    During the meal I'll prob have stuff by snow patrol, REM, etc - quietly in background x
  • noseegnoseeg Posts: 89
    my sister in law hada song by reberta flack in the church for one of her songs and it was lovely.
  • Hi

    I got a great CD of wedding music from M&S that we are going to use partly for the ceromony (we are having an organist too) but also playing in the background while we have our photo's taken

    We are dancing to "the way you look tonight" by Frank Sinatra as our first Dance...

    it's only 44 days to go (well nearly 43) and I can't wait!
  • I'm walking in to Paul McCartney This Never Happened Before, and we're also having that as our first dance (h2b proposed by giving me the CD afetr we'd heard the song in a film....). Then we're having I Was Made to Love Her by Stevie Wonder and A Glorious Day by Embrace while we're signing the register, then walking out to Elvis' Burning Love!

    2 weeks tomorrow.......!!!!!!!!!!
  • MidgeukMidgeuk Posts: 129
    I'm walking in to Enya as I've always loved her music. Then he has a couple of classical numbers he likes.

    Our first dance will be john Denver's Annie's song which always makes me cry. It's not really 'our song' but he thought it would be lovely to have a song that moves me so much.

    Our venue is allowing us to have a second and third dance if we want it. Anyone else have that option and will you have more than one dance as we can't decide?
  • TbagukTbaguk Posts: 2
    It's hard all this choosing music as there is so many songs that sound good but don't seem appropriate with the words.......we are having Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman 'time to say goodbye' played but some say it's more of a funeral song!!!! However it reminds us of one of our hols and its special Doe's anyone outthere think it's worng to play this song?? I love Iris aswell by the Goo Goo dolls just a shame the sring quartet can't play that during the ceremony.......!
  • We are getting married on the 04th and still i cant find the right music i am so stressed.Please could anyone give me some ideas about my top table .Still so much to do any so little time.
  • cathymukcathymuk Posts: 2,675
    ohhh Celtichick you sound very stressed and worried. Fear not, the lovely girls on this site are bound to be able to help.

    What do you need the music for? the ceremony, the reception, drinks, evening? thats a good place to start.

    and what help do you need with the top table? I am sure lots of us have ideas to help, so message back. And don't worry, it will all come good in the end.

  • Thankyou so much for uch a quick responce.Getting back to the top table .what sort of decoration i want it to be wow factor .my colour scheme is green and ivory !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cathymukcathymuk Posts: 2,675
    right, have a look on the fab american website the knot. Heres the link;

    it has some fab ideas, and some are very unusual.

    Green and ivory is going to look really chic whatever you do, as its so classic. Posh and Becks had a world cup party with these colours on the table and it looked fab. They used green glasses and white and silver plates. It looked fab.

    another great site that i've been pinching ideas off is lovesmelovesmeknot. They have inspiration pages and that has some great ideas.

    heres the link;

    hope that helps, and as for music why not ask your guests for their fav song as they return invites and then make up a playlist with them all on?

    good luck honey, relax and enjoy, it's going to be the best day of your life I'm sure


    walking uo the aisle to pachabels canon in D major

    signing the register is probably going to be things like what a day for a daydream etc

    back down the aisle to steel drums wedding march by the steel drums of trinidad!

    meal music will be H2B's special dinnertime disc which is sinatra, martin etc

  • i'm going up aisle to the trumpet voluntary and we are coming down it it te deum.

    1st dance will be to feeling good (michael Bubble)
  • LALA77ukLALA77uk Posts: 17
    Going up the aisle to Wagner Here Comes the Bride, singing Annie's Song, then back down the aisle to Dunkeld Steeple (all by our harpist). First dance is Bill Withers - Lovely Day!!
  • Our wedding song is Eva Cassidy "Songbird", It makes me cry!
  • lozhootslozhoots Posts: 16
    I am walking in to Shania Twain 'From this moment on' and we having songbird too during signing of register but by All Angels. I love their voices!

    We're walking out together to 'when i'm 64' by the Beatles! First dance is when I fall in love by Nat King Cole. I can't wait! 6 days to go and we only decided all this today!!
  • Love everyones choices they are all so different.

    H2B is a big Bond fan so we are having a medley of Bond themes by a Brass Band (recorded!) for entrance - Ushers and pages go down aisle to 007 theme, bridesmaids to Diamonds are Forever and My mum escorts me to Nobody does it better and gives me to H2B to For your eyes Only. It's a bit OTT but I know it will provide our families and friends with a lot of laughs. We are havin a string quartet too! They are playing a mix of film and musical numbers before service and then playing "When you wish upon a star" and "Swinging on a star" for signing of register! We exit to the Boccherini that is played at the end of the film Master and Commander.
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