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Oh my 1 week today and i'l be married!!!!!!!

Hi ladies,

Well i have 1 week to go and i'm feeling quite calm at the moment and really excited, how's everyone else doing???

I do kepp thinking tho that i've forgotten something!!! God i hope not!!!!



  • Natasha1ukNatasha1uk Posts: 163

    I also have 1 week today. i am quite calm at the moment and like you very excited! I have spent all morning wrapping up gifts which is all bringing it home!

    I am still concerned about the weather but will be happy as long as there is no torrential rain like last Friday. I have a work friend getting married today in Cheltenham and her reception venue cancelled on Wednesday as no running water. Makes you realise that actually there are worse things than rain!!

    Good luck with it all

    Tasha x
  • Wow, good luck, you must be so excited. I have 99 days to go and cant wait, i know that it will come round in no time.

    Have a great week and a fantastic day.
  • lucywhittlucywhitt Posts: 39
    Hiya - you ladies must be fellow Aug 3rd Brides!!

    I can't belive we only have 7 days, I finished making my table plan lastnight and its really starting to sink in. I only have 2 more days at work after today, which is fab.

    When do you all finish, or are you off work already? What have you got left to do? I think we've just got little bits n bobs like the decorations etc...

    What dresses are you having?xxxxx
  • kellynunankellynunan Posts: 108
    Hi ladies,

    I know what you mean about the weather!!!! But what can you do???

    Just bits and bobs to do really like music ect.

    My dress is Maggie Sottero - Suzanne Vidal whats yours?
  • Natasha1ukNatasha1uk Posts: 163
    Hi Fellow 3rd August Brides

    My dress is Ellis Bridal - Jeanette.

    Have just been to make final payment for the reception and had a absolute nightmare! Much to my embarrassment, my card was declined even though the funds were in the account! I had to quickly go to bank with 20mins till closing!!! Turned out I have a savings pot which is connected to my account but can't be accessed through debit card. I was with Woolwich who have been taken over by Barclays where the accounts are different!! I ended up crying in the bank so they transferred money for me and all is now paid!!! Think they thought I was a hysterical bride to be! Phew - how stressful!!!! Think i could do with a nice big bar of chocolate now!!!!!

    Tasha x
  • DalianDaisyDalianDaisy Posts: 118
    Me too! very excited! We are in Gloucester and our venue now has no water but they're going ahead with weddings but taking no more extra guests. I dropped off the table plan last night and there was a wedding taking place, it was really lovely seeing them all out on the lawn and going ahead with it even though no water!! Please cross your fingers for me that the water will be turned back on! It's been off since Sunday but luckily my mum and dad still have water and I went out last night & had a sneaky shower!
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