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3 days left

Hi ladies, well after 18 months of planning the wedding is in 3 days time on Thursdayy 2nd August! I am now starting to get really excited. My parents arrived last night from Germany with the cake in tow and a hill of gifts for us. My Mum even put together an ''This is your life'' book of me up to now which almost made me cry. I never even knew she had pictures of me in her tummy etc. I'm really touched. Also thrilled as my Dads suit fits perfectly and hes 6''5!! Excellent copany as so far its all perfect. Off today to collect my dress and drop all the drinks down at the venue ready for Thursday and collect another of mny BMs from the airport this afternoon. Rehearsal tmrw then pamper day Wed ready for Thurs. WOW!! I am well happy today.

How is everyone else going? xxxxxxximage


  • Hi Shelle Belle!

    Glad everything's going to plan and you're having fun!

    I get married on Friday and am very excited! Picked my dress up on Saturday and think I am pretty much ready. At work today and tomorrow and then doing the final little jobs after that.

    And the weather looks great at the moment! Fingers crossed it stays like this.....

    Ruth x
  • Natasha1ukNatasha1uk Posts: 163
    Hi Ladies,

    You both sound like the last minute plans are going well. I'm getting married on Friday aswell - can't wait now. Have got funny pains in my tummy now - think it is excitement! We picked up my dress yesterday and its hanging up at my mum's now!

    I am off to sort the currency for our honeymoon - where are you both going? We are off on Monday to Cape Town for 4 nights followed by 10 nights in Mauritius.

    Am feeling more hopeful about the weather now - just got to keep everything crossed!

    Tasha x
  • Hi Tasha

    cape Town sounds fab, would love to go there. We're going travelling for 12 months starting in September so I'll be back at work next Tuesday for a couple of weeks! The travelling was planned first but then we decided it would make a great honeymoon, rather than waiting until we got back to get married.

    Whereabouts are you getting married?

    Ruth x
  • Natasha1ukNatasha1uk Posts: 163
    I am in Didcot - getting married at church here and then off to hotel in Wallingford for reception.

    Your travelling sounds like great fun!

    Tasha x
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