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December Bridesmaid Dresses

Hi girls,

I haven't even asked my bridesmaid what she prefers yet, but I thought I'd ask all of you what you think is best. I know a long bridesmaid dress makes sense for a December wedding, but would it be seemly to have a shorter one instead?

This is my dress:

I'm about 6 feet tall as is my bridesmaid (only have one), so I'm wondering if I should see if she'd like to wear a dress that kind of echoes mine in style. What do you think would look good?


  • emscottemscott Posts: 17
    Hi Sass,

    This is just my opinion and I bet it would look lovely if you and your bridesmaid complimented each other...but I went for exactly the opposite...I chose a short dress for my bridesmaid - i'm only having one too - while mine is long...mine is fitted whereas her is empire cut with a puffleball hair is up, hers down...etc I guess I felt I wanted to us both to look great, but different, rather than her outfit being a more dressed down version of mine...not sure if that helps!

    xx em
  • Hi SM! This is the first time I've seen your dress. . . I love it!!! So elegant. Now. . . if I could have the top of it and a straight skirt it would be perfect for me! Only kidding. It is a beautiful dress. As for your bridesmaid, think it comes down to the dress and what she feels comfortable in too. Think you'll know the dress when she puts it on and the fact that it's short or long will be irrelevant. Have fun!
  • Good point, Em. I shouldn't be making any decisions until we see what takes her fancy. And you're right, she shouldn't be a dressed down version of me. Do you have pics of your dress and your BMs dress?

    MrsWest, thank you! I'm glad you like it, after all the looking! I thought the bodice was very like what you were after. He has some straighter skirts in his collection, but my dress blew my budget and I know you are regularly appalled at the cost o f dresses as well! Anyhoo, I'm going over to the other link to respond to your last post...

    Thanks girls, more thoughts are welcome from anyone else. x
  • tcheynetcheyne Posts: 133
    I'm in a full length dress and my bridesmaid is in a tea-length one. As I'm not having a string of bridesmaids I thought it might be nice to look less bridesmaidy for some reason! At first she was horrified that I didn't want her to have a full length dress- but once she tried on the dress she loved it.

    I've completely forgotten what my dress looks like as I ordered it last December, forgot to take a pic of myself in it and can't find it online! It's strapless, a-line and some version of cream. BMs is also strapless but that's about all our dresses have in common. It's black with a cream sash and I think it looks really stylish.
  • Tlp2b, somewhat tragically, my maid of honour had just decided she loves the same dress as your bridesmaids have! I sent her a picture of many dresses the other day and she LOVES that one. But now it has gone off the Monsoon website(that being the tragic bit)! Do you happen to know if it's still available at Monsoon??

  • Sassmonkey74, one of my bridesmaids tried that one on in store Wednesday just gone (not this week's wednesday, the one before if that makes sense!?!?) so you should be alright. Good luck.
  • Good news, thanks so much .Jo. I looooove your avatar. Is he/she yours?

  • Hiya! I'm having december wedding too. I really like the idea of BM dresses echoing the brides and mine do...I'm having 4 in black, my dress is the one in my avatar, with black detail. I think it looks stunning if they have similiar neckline etc. Also think about shoes...if you have a tee length dress for BM she would have to wear quite strappy shoes (i think so anyway). Would she be happy having strappy shoes on a cold winters day? at least with a long dress they can get away with a fuller shoe and tights! What colour you thinking of having?

    PS Your dress is absolutely stunning hun.
  • rude do I look! Only just seen your question! Yes, he's ours and absoutely adorable...not sure where he's gone from my avatar though! H2b persuaded me it would be a good idea to visit our local pet rehoming centre just as the school hols started...two days later we brought him home, he's great..infact he's laying under the table licking my feet as I type, random obsession he has! (dog that is, not h2b!)

    Did you manage to get the monsoon dress you were after?
  • Don't worry at all, Jo! I often pop into threads, comment, then forget to go back and check.

    I tried on the monsoon dress, but here's the thing - like myself, my BM is about 6 feet tall, with not much of an arse. There it is, it's out there. And the Monsoon dress needs someone with a nice figure in that department to pull it off. So I tried it on, but it was a no. image

    HOw lucky you are, my H2B and I can't wait to have a dog. One day, one day...
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