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We're pregnant

i cant belive it - still in shock, sometime between our wedding 14th July & now we have fell pregnant - a honeymoon baby image still sinking in - only had positive result tonight but very happy - just had to tell :\)


  • Congratulations! Good luck with it all.image
  • Congratulations!!! How exciting! x x x
  • What great news.....must have been a wonderful surprise. A fantastic start to married life. Many congratulations xx
  • rosekate15rosekate15 Posts: 2,440
    Congratulations to you both good wishes for future Xxxx:\)
  • Congratulations to you both, how brilliant for you.

    Good luck with the pregnancy.

    Em x
  • congrads

  • missycukmissycuk Posts: 193
    congratulations - that is fantastic news xxx
  • serinec123serinec123 Posts: 537

  • Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We're gonna try for bambino soon! I have to have an operation next Friday, but came off the pill at weekend! So just waiting for the P, then going to 'get busy' after the op!! Hope we have as much luck as you two!! Keep us informed!

  • thanks, i will keep my fingers crossed for you - hope it all goes smoothly - its a great feeling

    Let me know how you get on - good luck xx
  • Congratulations.

    We are in the same boat, got married 21st July and are now 9 weeks pregnant. Very excited. We have been trying for over a year. So glad we are married and then found out.

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    Hi Claire

    Not sure if you still come online but wondered how the pregnancy was going and how married life is treating you?

    We have some news of our own - yup, that's right. We're expecting!!!! 9 weeks gone so still a little early but having tested at 4 weeks I'm afraid i found it impossible to keep it to myself for long. So our first child is due to arrive in the world at the end of October. Spoken to the mw yesterday and she is getting requests off for scans as my booking appointment couldn't be fitted in until i'm just over 13 weeks but she was lovely and we had a good chat.

    I've often thought about you and hope life is treating you well.

    Em x
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