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Any 27th October Brides?

We're getting married in Ashtead, Surrey on the 27th! Still waiting on loads of RSVP's to come on before I can crack on with the dreaded table plan.

How is everyone else getting on?


  • pappworthpappworth Posts: 657
    I've started on mine although there are still 10 RSVP's to come back...they have until the end of the month before I start getting nasty!
  • zellencazellenca Posts: 236
    I keep mentioning rsvp'ing to people but they don't seem to be taking the hint. I might have to get stroppy soon too!
  • Hi, I'm getting married in November, but my mum is getting married next sat, she is only having a very intimate ceremony during the day but has invited over 200 people for the evening. She got a grand total of 3 rsvp's! I could not believe it and spent a whole night a few weeks ago on the phone to her telling her it was ok to call people up and it wasn't putting pressure on them as she needed to know final numbers. At £30 a head for the buffet, even a few people not turning up makes a difference!
  • Hannahs_MummyHannahs_Mummy Posts: 3,030
    I am another 27th October bride! I am not having a seating plan, but had to chase my rsvps a week ago. I sent a poem by email, and that seems to have done the trick! People are so rude when it somes to replying!
  • Chloe1981Chloe1981 Posts: 879
    Hi, I'm getting married on 27th too - still got to send my invitations out, making them myself so should get finished tonight, it i get off this website! - but only inviting 20 people so it's more a formality as know they are all coming... it's not far away now, getting really excited as should have my 1st dress fitting soon!
  • Cate I love the idea of a poem for the naughty people - do you mind posting it here?? I'm a 27.10 girl too and we have had quite a few RSVPs back, saying that the parents in law might not be attending our reception because - get this - they can't leave the dog for too long! Grrrrrr.
  • Hannahs_MummyHannahs_Mummy Posts: 3,030
    I understand things are busy and I hope that you don't mind,

    Me sending this short poem to hopefully remind,

    Our wedding is fast approaching as I'm sure you are aware,

    To make our day extra special we would love to have you there,

    No presents are needed, just a smiling face,

    If you could let us know please, as there is no time to waste,

    Drop us a text, an email or pop something in the post,

    It's the wedding of the year, with us as the host!!!

    Can't they get a dog sitter, it's not every day their son gets married!

  • Thanks Cate that's fabulous! I know, BIL is trying to sort them out, hopefully it will all be ok in the end. I would just feel so bad for H2B at the reception if i had 2 sets of parents/step parents and he had none! Thanks again i am copying and pasting it now for future reference!

  • elf81elf81 Posts: 414
    Hi im another 27th oct bride. ive got few rspvs back but still waiting for some i will be making phonecalls soon. Its annoying as its all my guests that havent replied. Most of h2bs replied within days of recieving the invitation.
  • I get married on 5th October and have had 3 RSVPs. It is a little annoying that people have booked flights and hotels (we get married in Spain) but couldn't be bothered to send a quick card to let us know 'officially' they are coming!!!
  • tigger1981tigger1981 Posts: 428
    Im getting married 2 days after you (29th) and haent even sent out the invitations yet! You are all making me look so slack, better get on with it I think.
  • KateLovattKateLovatt Posts: 127
    Hey - I'm getting hitched the day before. When you're doing your first dance we'll be jetting off on exciting!

    Our invites went out a week ago & so far we have had 2 rsvp's....and they were from people from work who are coming to the evening do. How long is a reasonable amount of time to wait before the rsvp's come flooding in???

  • zellencazellenca Posts: 236
    Ok girls, it's only 58 days to go now!! ARGH! How is everyone doing with their RSVP's? I've still got loads to come in. One of our friends who is getting married in Sept was complaining to H2B that they are still waiting on loads of RSVP's and saying that people are so rude. She hasn't even RSVP'd to us! People are so STRANGE!
  • pappworthpappworth Posts: 657
    I'm getting on the phone next week. I'm down to 9 RSVP's time to start being bridezillerishimage
  • Hannahs_MummyHannahs_Mummy Posts: 3,030
    I am only waiting on 2, so I will assume they are not coming. There's only so many times you can ask people!
  • Im getting married on oct 27 and still waiting on a few rsvp's. Have my first dress fitting in a couple of weeks, its crept up so quickly
  • I've just had mine, can't wait until its the right length and I can actually walk in it!! Have to wait until the 25th though. They are sending me a swatch though so I can go shoe hunting....its a wierd colour everythime I see it its a surprise what colour it is so I have no hope of matching things to it without a bit of the material.

    I'm down to about 6 RSVP's now, just 10 people to chase up so not too bad.
  • everything seems to be sorted now, just waiting on 2 rsvp's and dress fitting on Tues, shouldnt be too bad as dress just needs taking in a fraction. I dunno if its just me but my feelings keep changing from extreme joy and excitement to absolute terror, not at the thought of being married, just at the wedding, lol
  • have you had hen night yet? gonna have mine on tues 23 oct in chicago rock cafe, they having karaoke and party night that night so hoping it will be great fun!
  • Yeah, I had my hen night last weekend and it was great. We went to a Cuban restaurant and all wore sombreros!! Which Chicago' are you going to?
  • hiya i'm also a 27/10 bride, getting nervous too just want the day to be here and no more organising to do. I haven't had my hen party yet it's not until 13th october though don't know what they have in store for me!!!xx
  • We are all off to Chicagos at festival leisure park Basildon. I bet you had great time at Cuban restaurant, how many went?
  • There were 14 of us! We were certainly getting some strange looks. We have a Chicago's near us, always good for a boogie! Have fun x
  • I'm off quad biking in two weeks, followed by a nice meal and a night in a cottage. Its going to be great to catch up with some of my friends and for them to meet each other before the wedding.

    I just got my last RSVP as well, hurrah!!! 96 people out of 127, which is pretty good. now I can really have a go at that table plan.

    Had my first panic today though when Irealised how close it was....still far to many things to do.....deep calming breaths and make a list!
  • Going tomorrow to arrange for our banns to be read at my local parish Church. Not sure what to expect but at least it is another thing I can tick off my list!
  • Our banns are being read from this weekend! It all seems so real now. We are going to the venue tonight for another meeting.

    Has anyone done their table plan yet?

  • Hi, I am also getting married on October 27th, in our village church then reception in a hotel in Bingley.

    We have all our RSVPs back (bar a few) - seating plan is done - H2B is away on his stag weekend today! and I am away on mine next weekend.

    Can't believe it's 35 days to go!
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