Before I put the deposit for my venue down!!?? Theobalds Pk

Hi there!!!

I have just a very frank conversation with my dad!! (who is paying for my wedding!!) and we have to put our deposit down within the next week!! Within this time I am going to prepare a list of questions to ask!?? Has anyone got any ideas!? As we dont want to getted robbed!!! (Well my dad made it very clear he will not get robbed and wants value for money!! He is actually driving me mad!!)

Also did anyone know anyone who has held there venue in Thobalds Park in cheshunt as I would really like an honest review!! and things to watch out for!!

Any other good organisation tips would be welcomed!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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  • i am new to the whole wedding thing but have found the two major head aches with my venue is that they dont let you have fireworks in the grounds and they don't let you in the day before to set up so you have to get someone in on the day.

    So tips would be:

    1. When can you set up?

    2. Are you allowed balloons, fireworks, own caterers, own bar?

    3. Can people stay over, or list of where nearest hotels are.

    4. Are there minimum no. of guests for meal or buffet?

    5. Do they have lists of approved suppliers?

  • Hi Gem

    Have you had a look at

    I found my venue on there and it's got a review section and I have to admit that it was the reviews that swung me to even go and have a look. So far I have been totally impressed but we haven't got down to the proper "organisation" bit yet as it's too far away.

    Anyway it's worth a look and I hope it helps.

    Claire x
  • it is a good idea to ask if prices could increase, i have heard of prices ncreasing by thousands. when we asked he said alcohol would with inflation but if we couldnt afford their menu or wanted different foods they would cater for our requirements.

    ask about late licences as some places will only stay open till 12pm unless you get a late licence.

    ask what they will suply for you as for no extra cost our venue is doing simple table decorations and providing napkins etc, some places expect you to bring your own.

    ask what they will do for you during the day. you dont want to be chasing them up for things. ask if they take the day out of your hands so you can enjoy it as most places will and if they do they will boast about this as one of their good points.

    hope this helps
  • Thank you that is great I have popped all those points down in my note pad which I shall be bringing with me this weekend when/if we do put our deposit down!

  • if ur thinking of having candles, ask if you can, ask if there is a chresh (sorry bad spelling), ask if there is a certain time everyone must leave by, if there will be another wedding on the same date, (or ask to call you if one arrises within now and ur wedding), what is fully included within the price you are paying, ask if they will freeze the price you pay or if it will go up. .

    thats all i can think of rght now image

  • I had a huge list of questions - here are some I didn't see above:

    Is there a specified 'wedding co-ordinator' - will they be there on the day or not?

    Do they have decent disabled access and toilets? We were amazed by the number of places where our some of our guests wouldn't have been able to go into upstairs rooms etc

    Does the price they are qouting you include VAT?

    To me the three most important things were :

    1. what is the rainy date option if people can't go outside?

    2. who are the caterers? Do we have to use theirs? Ask to look at sample menus?

    3. Do they charge corkage and if you can't bring your own alcohol what are the prices and quality on their wine lists.

    Also I think having a look at the loos is always a good indicator of what a place is like!!! Makes me sound a bit mad, but if they have looked after details like that then I think they will bew proud of everything else they do too!

    Hope this helps.

    We still haven't booked our venue yet although we know where now - problem is no Saturdays... So are going for a Friday...

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  • Thanks that was great!! I especially like the tip regarding having a look at the loos!!! Will definelty be doing that now!!!

    Thanks for the help!
  • Theobalds have told me corcage is the same price as their own bottles of drink! This doesnt soubd right. Can anyone tell me what they were charged for corkage ate theobalds park?

  • Did you ask any questions at all before you got to the point of wanting to put down a deposit?

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  • Didn't even notice! Lol

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