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Just had to say hi, im also getting married at Brandon, we're the 2nd of Dec this year!!!image


  • fantastic......I've just replied to your other feed...

    hey...don't make too much of a mess they only have 6 days to clean up !!!!!

    Are you having the Cleredon restaurant...? it was that room that made me just go's just so elegant !! I also loved the idea of the mirror in the ceremony room so that everyone can see our faces when are saying our vows...

    I have finally found someone thats getting married at Brandon Hall....Im meeting our photographer there next Tuesday to see where we can take all the photos...Im having most of the in the foyer....infront of the big Christmas tree and infront of the fire place...they are going to move the big sofa's....

    where are you off to for your honeymoon??? we are off the New York...lots of shopping Im sure...

    are you staying the night before??? Infact we nearly had our wedding on Dec 1st...How weird would that have been...meeting over all nervou, and me hungover??? beautiful !!!

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    Well hello, How exciting is this!

    Couldnt believe it when i saw another brandon and so soon after!

    We're just having reception in the brandon suite, we're only having a small 'do' and no evening reception.

    We should have been there last year, but had a little boy so postponed til this.

    How long have you been planning?

    Did you go to the wedding fayres?

    Im staying Sat night so i'll be nice and relaxed hopefully, by the time we ge married on the sun.

    Are you local?

    We're Hinckley.

    New York.... Fantastic! We're just off to London for a few days with our little one.

    Hadnt thought aout those mirrors. oh god im nervous about that now LOL xxx
  • Im a Leicestershire girl too...I live in Broughton Astley...about 5 miles from mad is that???

    We haven't been planning long...we only got engaged last Christmas Day...we booked brandon hall in Feb this year so only had 10 months to do everything....including working extra hours for the money...

    I went to 2 wedding fayres there...the first was in the ceremony room and the 2nd they moved down to the woodlands suite...(the one on the other side of the spa) we are having 77 people to the day do so I think I will be quite nervous walking in to see all of them....

    Is your little one being page boy ??? my little nephew will be nearly 3 so I had to have him as page boy...he looks so cute in his little suit....! he's going to steal the show...

    London will be great....lots of shopping to be done !!

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    Small world or what!!!!

    We went to the fayres and have to say was really disapointed, i was worried for a while that we'd made the wrong decision about having it there, but as times gone on and we've met Marianne a few times i know its gonna be fantastic!

    Are you staying the night before?

    We're not having the honeymoon suite as i didnt want to have to move rooms on the sunday, but as we've got our boy with us that doesn't matter, not quite the same is it! Lol.

    I know what you mean about him stealing the show, ive got the same prob with samuel...

    Im really excited now, we saw our photographer this eve its beginning to feel real now.

    Who are you having for photos etc?

  • certainly is a small world....

    Im staying the night before with my BM (who lives in Canada but is over for the wedding) and my parents...we have the bridal suite for friday and sat (not the 4 poster one) but my parents are having the big room on friday night, Im in a normal twin room with BM...does seem daft having to pack and move rooms when you are supposed to be downstairs enjoying your wedding day

    Im having steve wright images...he was really reasonable and we both got on really well with him...we also got a pre wedding shoot with that too...

    I have been really disapointed with all the wedding fayres I've been to...I haven't gone with any of the suppliers I met there... Im meet the photographer there on Tuesday as they will have put the decorations up by then...woo hoo!

    Along with my nephew I also have a 3 yr old flowergirl...Im sending them both down down the aisle first, that should break the ice..Im just gutted I'll be standing outside the room and will miss it...luckily we are having a videographer...

    Im really happy with the service we have got from Brandon...marianne is great....I know I can leave everything in their hands and enjoy the day...

    I can't get over how near the day is...I keep going through the vows in my head...I can't stand speaking in front of a crowd....but Im really looking forward to saying them in a weird way !!!

    one thing Im a wee bit down about is that Brandon hall doesn't have a big staircase for photos, we need something due to not arriving by car...Im sure we'll find somewhere nice !!

    I think It'll be more real next week when I meet the photographer at brandon...can't wait...

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    Ive been over this eve [ had my make-up done] and all the chrimbo decs are up!!!!!!!

    Looks really nice, from what i saw theres a hugh tree just to the right as you walk in, and some decs on the ceiling, not a lot just enough i thought.

    The colours were purple and gold, im having a deep red and gold so think it will go lovely.

    You must be having the registrars (sp?) from rugby?

    They were lovely when we went and i cried reading the vows,

    gonna be a real mess i think lol. xxxx
  • Oh I can't wait to see it will the Christmas Decs up...Purple was nearly the colour of my BM's but decided on a light brown/gold colour instead....When we booked marianne said that they were purple and apart from the tree the decorations are quite subtle....I can't wait to have my pictures around the christmas tree...

    Yes we are having the registrars from Rugby..they are lovely...and when you call them up they instantly know who you are which considering how many wedding they do..(maybe Im a bridezilla) !!!! oh lordy !!!

    I think Im going to be ok with the vows, crying wise, I think it's going to be when Dad, H2B do their speeches....I think that's going to make me blub...

    you must be soooo excited now??? 1 week and 2 everything in place??

    I have just been to have a dress fitting...the bodice was done last week and now the hem this week, final fitting next saturday....BM's next week and at the weekend Im putting all the place names and centre pieces into boxes for each table and Im collecting the music (a friend is a musician and has composed a special piece for us) we are very lucky...!

    Had a horrid dream last night that the florist arrived with the flowers from her wedding the day before and they were pink and white...she said it would be fine !!! what !!!....I woke up this morning and H2B said......wait for it......would it make a difference if they were pink.!!!!!!! god men....they know

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    Lol! i know exactly what you mean....

    Mine asked tonight what was left to do, y? he's not bothered up til now!

    Think he's feeling guilty, last night was his 'first' stag night and i had to clean up after him this morning, GROSS!!!!!!

    Can't believe its so near, can't wait.

    H2b decided he's gonna do speech first, that way he can relax after.

    So hav you had local suppliers?

    We've had....... Rebecca Dawes photography,

    Bluebells florist, Burbage,

    Philip James Suit hire,

    & Bellini Strings for music,[ im walking down the aisle to Songbird]

  • mainly local suppliers

    steve wright photography - coventry

    cake - M&S

    flowers - Claire Nash rugby

    Stationary - abbeycraft - (I used to work with her!!)

    suit hire - the locks in rugby...same as my dress

    everything else - Ebay....incl..favours/dolly bags/ sprinkles for tables....

    more than one stag night...lucky him...I was lucky H2B went to barcelona, best man and ursher had to clean the sick up when the bar manager saw the mess in the mens toilets....Im glad I wasn't there....

    good idea about H2B doing the speech 1st....I guess we are lucky that we don't have to do such a scary thing...Id be worried about it all day....

    I love Songbird....great choice....there has only ever been one track that I would walk down the asile to....I don't think there is anyone else with this's called conquest of paradise by Vangelis....very dramatic....! can't wait..

    H2B has been very laid back with all of the wedding plans...over the past 10 months has just left me to get on with it...except when it came to choosing the 1st dance music...I wasn't allowed to choose it as there was noway he was going to dance to Robbie hoo !!! so he picked one and I absolutely loved it...all I want is you by U2..perfect.....

    H2B has done his speech (well in his head) just needs to type it up, he won't let me listen/check it before the suit fitting next week ...then sit back and relax ready for the the following weekend !

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    OMG, cant believe its so close now!

    Just been sorting out table decs etc ready to take on friday, h2b is out in stinckley and little man is fast asleep.

    Been to leics general hospital, my aunt/witness/maid of honour has taken poorly and not sure whats wrong.

    They have ruled out all the majors but im so worried, obviously the priority is her getting better but my big day wont be the same without her, im keeping everything crossed!

    Ive got this constant sick feeling now, nerves i think.... im sure you know what i mean xxx
  • You can't have a wedding without a stressful week before...looks like you are certainly having that...Oh I do hope your aunt gets better and will be there on Sunday...I'll have my fingers crossed too...


    Im feeling a bit rough this morning..Had our works Christmas do last bar !!! head is killing me! that'll teach me !

    I popped over to my mum and dads yesterday and my nephew was their trying on his he looked sooooo grown up....and so cute..

    I just want my wedding to be here..Im bored of waiting now !!! lol....


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    Oh god its soooooo near, i keep forgetting then it pops into my head and i go all nervy.

    Saw on your other thread you'd been on your hen night?

    Where did you go?

    Mine was a meal in Stinckley and up Flares... how bad was that!!!
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    Take no notice of me, im all confused.

    Thats what happens when your a week away lol...

    I read the name wrong, it wasn't your thread!!! der..
  • I have had my hen night....we flew up to edinburgh at the beginning of November just for one night...(god how bad is my carbon footprint!) we flew up saturday morning and came back late sunday night...It was such a funny weekend..did the full L plate and tacky dress...all the other girls (and one lad) had matching t shirts...yes a bloke from my work came along too...was soooo funny....

    off to Brandon Hall tomorrow night...very excited !!

    I haven't been out in Hinckley in years....infact about 10 bad is that!!!
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    Very exciting!!!

    I did the tacky thing as well, still dont think i looked too out of place in Stinckley LOL.

    Ive just email'd Marianne, need to arrange to take things over later in the week.

    ITS SOOOOOOO NEAR!!!!!!!!!
  • wow....getting close to Brandon tonight to meet the photographer...can't wait now....finish work next Tuesday so only a week to go...thank god !!

    have my final dress fitting on saturday morning..and then I collect on Thursday my bridesmaids have their final fitting...should be great !!!

    the amount of stuff we are taking over to brandon on friday is would think we were there for a week...we are taking 2 cars with the back seats down !!!
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