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Hen night on Saturday!

Its my hen night on Saturday and I can't wait! Don't have a clue what is happening, but I know there are two parts, and most are coming to both and some are just coming later on.... My friend is coming round on Friday night to pick out clothes from my wardrobe as she doesn't even want to tell me what type of clothes to wear in case I guess! I also have a mini one in Edinburgh when I get back which is also a surprise so I am feeling quite spoiled! image


  • Well sounds good to me, scary dont you think, hen nights mean too close to the wedding!!!! hope you have a lovley time. Its mine on Friday night we are doing a pub crawl round town, enjoy every minute honey and hope your friends dont dress you up like a pilok like mine are intending to do. Hope you dont suffer Sun Morning Dee X
  • Hope you have a fab time, I'm trying to find a free night to have a more local one but all my weekends seem to be full!!

    PS - had a look on that website where you got your topper and they look fab. Tried to persuade Mum that we could have one of us in our wetsuits and surfboards but apparently she has already commissioned something! Won't tell me what though!
  • Its my hen night on saturday too!! I'm undecided about whether to feel excited or nervous - bit of both I think. We're just going to a lovely restaurant for a meal, drinks and a few hilarious games I think.
  • Thanks girls! kittykath, that is a shame but I am sure your Mum will have got you something good! Besides, who saids cake toppers are only for weddings - get one for your next birthday!

    Pborobride - hope you have a great time on Saturday too!
  • Hey gals

    I hope you all have a fabulous time. I had mine this weekend and I have to say it was just amazing. I was completely blown away by how thoughtful and prepared all of my friends were. We went to a cottage (all 28 of us!) and they staged the "hen-olympics", we had a papmering session in the afternoon with 6 of the girls as the beauticians, then meal in the eve with games and everything - was truly fabulous!

    Good luck and I hope you have a great time - I cried when I got home as it was over (LOL). Still, it means we are closer to the wedding - YIPEPEEE!!!

    NYE B x

  • kt21ockt21oc Posts: 192
    It was my hen day on Sunday and i had the most amazing time. We went to the spa at Alton Towers, they gave us our own private room to get hanged in rather than the normal changing rooms. We were pampered all day my friends had prepared a Mr and Mrs quiz which was great, they had asked h2b the answers before we went. I did really well so i was happy. Then on the evening we went out for a meal and cocktails. It really was a brilliant day.

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  • Are you getting your hens a thank you gift? I would like to get something, but don't know what to get x
  • I have got my friend who is organising my hen a small gift and a card - just a token of my appreciation!
  • For everyone having their hen do this weekend - have a great time and can't wait to hear all about it next week xx
  • yatg1yatg1 Posts: 284
    Ohhhhhh the excitement!

    Hope all you ladies have a lovely weekend!

    Remember to eat lots before and drink water with all the alcohol!!!

    Painkillers to the ready!!!
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