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Pics from another 3rd November wedding

Hi all,

My 3rd Nov wedding pics are also ready now if you would like to view them. I didn't post much in the weeks leading up to the wedding as was frantically trying to make all my own stationery alomng with lots of other distractions, but I contined reading about everyone else's plans.

The address is\Client Weddings&pid=378

Click on my photo (Mitchinson & Gibson) and enter the password 'buddy' to view them.

I hope you all enjoyed/enjoy your days as much as we did!!

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  • You look beautiful, its looks as though you have a fab day!

  • Wow you look gorgeous and so me all excited its 3 days to go for us!! Can I ask what time you got married as the photos look great, also were you cold? I'm suddebly thinking I may need a wrap...but being vain at the same time. Congrats MrsBuddy!
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    I'm quite jealous of you brides who still have it all ahead - it was a fab day.

    We got married at 12.30 on our photographer's advice. He later said it was a bit of a nightmarish day for him as a photographer, but you wouldn't know it looking at the photos! I didn't feel the cold at all, I think you'll be fine without a wrap, depending on how much time you are planning on spending outside.

    Anyway, best of luck to those wit their day ahead, not that you'll need it.

    I have changed the name of my post so it doesn't look as much like Ulala Tweed's!!

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  • congratulations and fab photos. you look stunning and your husband is sooo tall! you both look very happy. best wishes for the future xx
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    You look absolutely beautiful and it looks like you had an amazing day. I am having the same colour bridesmaid dresses as you and am having the dark purple organza favour bags but i am filling them with silver white chocolate coins instead. I have 3 and a half weeks to go am getting really excited now xxxx
  • JMuk1JMuk1 Posts: 319
    Thanks very much.

    I must admit, the purple wasn't my first choice, but the dresses were a real bargain so couldn't not buy them!! However, I think the colour looked gorgeous on the day and in the photos, so I'm glad now that I didn't go with my original choice of navy blue! 3 and a half weeks will fly, keep enjoying the anticipation!

    And my husband is tall at 6ft 4 Mrs Munkee, but I am also really short at 5ft just to make matters worse!! I had a read of your wedding report the other day but didn't get chance to finish it, so haven't seen your photos yet. I'll have another look tomorrow when I get chance, your avatar looks lovely though x
  • BR,

    gorgeous photos. Where did you get your tiara and jewellry from?? The tiara is exactly the kind i want!

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    Hi sarah.jones,

    Thank you. I got the tiara from the shop I got my dress from - International Bride in Wigan, so that probably doesn't really help much. I looked everywhere for one like it, then found it right under my nose! The jewellery is just from a wholesalers in manchester - my mum sells costume jewellery in her tanning salon - and was only cheap.
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