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35 days to go!

How is everyone feeling?

We went to meet with the registrar yesterday evening to pay our fees, go over the ceremony, our music & readings.

All of a sudden it felt very real and I nearly cried when she was reading through the bits - what am I gonna be like on the actual day?!

Soo can't wait to get married to my lovely H2B!

Also picking up dress tomorrow after its final fitting - will take pics and try to post them!!

Vicky x


  • Hey - it's so close isn't it? 38 days for me!

    I am feeling so excited and really ready to get married now! We saw our registrar on Monday and I was welling up when we talked about the words she'd say in the ceremony too. Does anyone else feel close to tears all the time? I'm hopeless- even adverts make me cry - often happy tears - the Secret Millionaire just about wipes me out!! Lol!!

    All wedding dreams seem to have stopped which is good- had some strange ones in June/July!

    I'm sure you'll be fine on the actual day Vicky. One of my friends has told me to bite the end of my tongue - apparently that helps?!!

    Good luck with picking up your dress - wld love to see piccies!

    NYE B x
  • SuzMcHSuzMcH Posts: 635
    Hey Vicky, I know 35 days, 5 weeks today. Aargh !! I'm feeling remarkably calm really, even though we realised we've gone totally over budget and I've got heaps to organise.

    I'm taking our forms and stuff on Monday to the registrar. BUt the actual registrar that is marrying us is my mums next door neighbour. She keeps teasing me over a Friday night glass of wine that she'll really try to make me cry. But I think she will genuinely try to make it lovely for us and not too slushy. I might laugh rather than cry if it is!!

    Are you feeling prepared ?

    Suz x
  • emmalouisetemmalouiset Posts: 1,291
    Only 27 for me! 4 weeks today I'll be a Mrs - oh god, I think I need another sit down!
  • Yeah think I'm pretty much prepared - as I keep saying as long as the drinks are flowing - the guests will be happy x
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