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Is it bad luck for the groom to see the bride......

on the morning of the wedding??

We are getting married on new years eve at gretna green, we are staying in a hotel and there are 10 of us in total.

We have thought about swapping rooms etc but we cant really do that as it means my h2b sleeping with my brother and me sleeping with my sil!image

We have also got to have breakfast together in the morning but then will get ready in differect rooms.

Do you's think as long as he does not see me with my hair etc done and in my dress it will be ok?

Really dont want bad luck!!

Lyndsey x


  • It's one of those things that's just superstition I think. Apparently green is supposed to be bad luck at weddings, but our bridesmaids will be wearing green dresses!

    If you're happy to see him and have breakfast together in the morning before the wedding then you should go for it. But definitely save the dress and hair do for when he first sees you walk down the aisle.

    You'll have a great day whatever you decide.

    I hope it all goes well for you.


    PS Great name, by the way!! image
  • my h2b and i will be together the night efore the wedding but get ready seperate. there are lots of superstitions

    wearing green, dont wear pearls.
  • well that goes to show how much i know, i thought it was traditional to wear pearls, not that you're not meant to wear them!

    I'm spending the night before the wedding with my H2B, i have no where else to go where the kids can be accomodated as well, we're not getting married or having a reception in a hotel or anything, so home it is, and back there after the wedding, and yes, with the 2 kids! (probably in our bed, too! nothing happening on the wedding night for us!)
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    although I think I am quite superstitious, I will be seeing h2b in the morning off the wedding, staying under the same roof the night before and arriving at the church together in the same car. image

    How romantic gretna green on new years eve :\)

    dec07Bride...I haven't got my superstitions right also..I thought it was unlucky for the bride to buy her own pearls to wear on her wedding day! I am also coming back home after the ceremony, if we can't get away, we will spend our wedding night at home also, but the 'kids' are going elsewhere for the night, maybe 2 nights! Maybe someone will babysit for you for the 1st night, or you can get away for a night or two at a later date. Good luck :\)
  • i think the whole thing of not seeing the bride dates back to when there were more arranged marriges and it was thought that the groom may change his mind if he saw the bride before the marriage

    -so unless u have never met ur groom it will not be bad luck-

    dont forget to ave a bridesmaid though to protect u from evil spirits!!!
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  • oh dear, i'm getting married on a friday, i'm staying with the groom the night before the wedding, not sure if he saw any monks, blind men, nanny goats or wolves on H2B trip to ask my dads hand in marriage (maybe because he didn't ask him!) I'm having red and white flowers, i'm not having a veil and not sure i'm going to see a lamb (wrong time of year i think) a toad, a spider a black cat or a rainbow on the way to the ceremony and i'm now hoping it doesn't rain but snows!!! (not too much though, getting married up a very big hill!) and i've tried signing my new name!

    Is my marriage doomed to fail?????!!!!!

    Interesting link anyway thank you Zopheeny
  • Yep were screwed too.

    Our surnames start with the same letter!!

    Better hope for snow on the day its our only hope at a happy marriage!!

    But at least we don't have to endure having cake or shoes thrown at us anymore.
  • dec07bride and Arransrose its nice to hear of others who are going back home after their marriage. this is my 2nd, h2b 1st and we're getting married at local registry office then having family and few friends back home where i'll have done a buffet. we will be at home wedding nite to with my 2 kids and h2b son and hope to get away later in year for few days. hope all goes well for you both
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    Hi Bellelouise

    thankyou :\)

    It is so nice to hear of others not having the traditional day too. This is my 2nd marriage and h2b's 1st. My 2 two grown up daughters and myself will be preparing a buffet the night before to serve when we return home after the ceremony. Simple and intimate. My SIL gave me a lovely thought when I was worryng about not having all the frills, she said.....whether you have a grand wedding, expensive and all the trimmings..or you have an intimate wedding and a buffet and alcohol at home....the end result is exactly the and h2b have a marriage certificate, a ring and are husband and wife!!!! :\)

    Lovely idea to get away later in the year....I feel so lucky now that my grown up children are babysitting our 2 year old at their home.

    I had the big white wedding 1st time I am more than happy to have an intimate small wedding this time. Are either of you having a photographer or videographer at the ceremony?

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  • hi Arransrose im hopefully having a family member do photos he did my 1st marriage. my 14 year old son is giving me away and my 17 year daughter and niece will be bridesmaids. i had the big do 1st time and h2b wants a quiet

    which im happy to have. im doing the buffet etc. my brother and a friend have nice cars so we'll use them as i think £150 plus for a car to drive me 5 mins down the road and back is a waste. when are you geting married?
  • Hi Arran'srose and Bellelouise. This is my first wedding but due to H2B being fairly shy we only want to keep it small and intimate, too and what with having the two children it's more of a formality and declaration to each other than the big romantic day, i'm sure it will be great and absoloutly lovely but i have no nerves and don't feel emotional about saying my vows as we're bound to each other through our children and in my eyes i find that more of a commitment to each other than marriage. I am having a photographer, but a very cheap one, we did a lot of searching but found an events photographer (does proms, weddings, etc) who can do the whole wedding from getting ready thro to 1st dance for £300 as we're getting wed on a weekday and for that we get all images on a hi resoloution disc for us to process the piccies ourselves and also all of them printed in 6x4 and the copyright. I refuse to pay so much for something that i trained in at college and know that unless they process the pics themselves, it definately doesn't cost what they ask for each reprint!
  • hi dec07bride what is your wedding date?

    im sure whent he day arrivves and you say your vows you will feel emotional. that sounds a good deal its nice having nice photos but as this is my 2nd marriage i know what happens with he pics we had a couple on show and rest were in box.

    how old are your children? we've picked our music for registry office, got bridesmaid dresses and my dress so far.

  • I get married on the 7th dec, only 11 days left to go!!!! pretty much done now, if it's not then it's not going to be! Really pleased with the photographer we found, and we've just found out there's going to be a 2nd photographer in attendance, too as my seamstress who altered my dress is actually her photographic assistant, so definatley thinking it's the best deal i could have found!
  • 11 days bet your really excited now, bit like xmas tho what u havent gotu wont miss. Thats great news about the photographer my mums sorting out mine. how old are your children? are they excited.
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