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15 days!!

Oh wow, it comes around so quickly, doesn't it?

Just found this forum for December brides and thought I'd say 'Hi' to all of you lovely ladies and wish you all the best for you special days.

So where is everyone getting married? What are your stories?

Me - been engaged for over two years now and we decided that we wanted to avoid fuss (my family is from Australia and his, the UK) so only a couple of months ago, we booked some flights and a hotel. In 13 days from now, we'll be on a flight to New York (I've never been) and getting married in 15 days at the Manhattan Municipal Building. Brilliant - 4 minute ceremony and one of the most amazing cities in the world to spend the rest of our trip wandering about! Taking along two friends for witnesses as well. Can't wait!

Well, just thought I'd share my excitement with you. Take care!



  • rmacukrmacuk Posts: 663
    that sounds beautiful Kate!

    I also can't believe it has all come around so quickly. My H2B met about 18months ago and her proposed at christmas last year. We enjoyed being engaged for about 5 months then I suddenly decided to get on with the organisation side of things, so been planning for about 7 months in all.

    I am really excited - we get married on 8th december, a few days before you here

    with the ceremony at my parents local church (where I used to live when I was younger).

    Have a fabulous trip tp New York - we'll want to see you r pics and hear your story when you get back!
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