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Freaky forecasts - scare yourself witless, I just did!!!

Eek! Just found this website where you can get a forecast for up to 28 days. Looks like I need to invest in some brollies and very quickly!

Is anyone else in Dec set for a downpour????


P.S If you go on the link on the menu at the side you can get the 28 day forecast

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  • oh nooooo we have big black clouds over our date too!! is it too late to swap the wedding to the snowy day on the 16th???
  • MrsSP73MrsSP73 Posts: 353
    OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH MY GAWD! Our wedding is the 16th and the forecast for our postcode is snow. Yikes. Feel a bit scared suddenlyas we are getting married out in the sticks.... aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • Oh well, you choose to get married in December, what do you expect?!!! Hee hee!

    Seriously though, I'd be much more peed off if I was getting married in July and it rained.

    Good luck to everyone with their weather warnings...

    Lucy x
  • Ours says slightly cloudy but sunnyish.

    But its still a long way away in weather terms. I better keep those fingers crossed.
  • I can only get a 16 day forecast for my region! The "UK" forecast for my day is 8 degrees and a bit sunny though. Unlikely to be that in the Highlands though!
  • quite happy with that for my area, partially sunny and cloudy and no rain as yet! but all can change from the forecasts......still dreaming of crisp sunny morning for the 8th!
  • Noooo - my wedding is 31 days away so I can't see! Good find though Emmy - it has now been bookmarked x
  • thanks Emmy. although i think will now be neurotically checking it every day for changes!

    5 degrees - brrrrr. I'll look like a plucked chicken in the photos!
  • Looks like showers on the 22nd!! Lets hope the weather on the 23rd doesn't move forward a day - absolutely chucking it down!
  • yatg1yatg1 Posts: 284
    Looks like the brollies will come in useful!! I don't mind cold, but hopefully no rain till the evening!!
  • Yay..............I'm the 16th and very glad to see romantic!!!!!
  • Thanks EmmyW! This is great - although I am still a little ahead of myself with 33 days to go! Ireland is also only on the 16 day forecast - probably because it is so damn changeable there!! However, will keep checking!! xx
  • Damn it my sunshine has turned to rain image

  • I wish the snow would move forward one day to the 15th! The 14th in my area is meant to be sun, but the 15th is a bit vague at the moment...
  • emmalouisetemmalouiset Posts: 1,291
    Booooooo! I'm still rain at the moment! Am crossing my fingers so much I've almost got cramp!!
  • Woo Hoo... Snow for me on the 16th! I was praying for a cold crisp day... but snow would be lovely!!!!!!
  • Woo Hoo... Snow for me on the 16th! I was praying for a cold crisp day... but snow would be lovely!!!!!!
  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    It's saying rain for my day! 28 days to go - hoping it will change x
  • booo hoooooo.....just looked at dec 8th for coventry...big black clouds and lots of rain...

    Coventry City must be playing at home then !!!!!

  • emmalouisetemmalouiset Posts: 1,291
    Oh No!!!! The band of rain just keeps getting worse and worse - it is now for two days before and two days after our wedding so pretty much no chance of staying dry - eek!!!
  • tcheynetcheyne Posts: 133
    I can't work out the symbols!!! Is the grey one just cloud?
  • emmalouisetemmalouiset Posts: 1,291
    tlp2b, yes, the grey one is just cloud. I'm currently doing a little happy dance as they've updated it and I'm no longer awash and almost drowning in rain - I've got a little sunny symbol now!!!! I just bought 5 wedding umbrellas off e-bay yesterday aswel!!!
  • Have a look at

    I've been using this website for a while and it is generally quite accurate although doesn't offer the longer range forecast that TWO does.

    The 22nd has just appeared as a more detailed forecast and guess what! It's sleeting or sunny on that day!! EEEEEEEEEEK!
  • Just to let you all know, when i first started checkng this website about a week ago, the prediction for 7th Dec was not good, rain, cloud and gales! It was a bit windy, otherwise absoloutly glorious sunshine for us, the photographer even said we couldn't have wished for better! So it can all work out alright in the end! Good luck girlies. xx
  • missycukmissycuk Posts: 193
    It is showing sun for Friday in my area so am keeping fingers and toes crossed for a few pics outside before I get too cold ... hopefully the adrenelin will block out the shivers xxxx
  • Nooooooooo, after being cold and clear all week we are now predicted rain on Saturday!!! Typical.
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